Fantasy politics, the breaking of chains, and The Red Dinner Party all screamed of Game of Thrones elements, but came imbued with the campiness and heart that only The Magicians could deliver.

Quentin, Alice, and Josh search the the castle for a hidden key, presumably the one we learn about being in the fairy realm, the theory corroborated by Josh and the previously on clippings, but nothing of memorable meat stands out from their slow boil questline.

The Magicians – Syfy

They had hitched a ride back to Fillory with Margo and Elliot through the clock and then on the Muntjac to infiltrate the castle by cloak of night, while the deposed rulers struggled to curb war and restructure alliances with newly brokered deals. Eliot takes on the Lorian King while Margo handles her mother-in-law Rock Queen. Of course the wonen have a more serious and intense discussion, after the Rock Queen calls bs on her sons unconsomated marriage and the his toad bitten penis, while the men make deals in the bedroom. They both reveal their plans to reinstate magic, with Margo threatening (hopefully setting up a future storyline inspired by her ice axe book ark) and Eliot offers to help teach the Lorians magic when it returns for their allegiance now. Slight plot hole that Prince Es could have been doing this, and the Lorians had some semblance of magic (just not to rival Fillory, and we doubt that would change, but we will see where this goes).

The Magicians – Syfy

The real drama came on Earth when Julia and Fen unite to free the fairies. When the other fairies won’t listen to Skye or trust the humans, the “unlikely duo” make a detour to Fillory to recruite the Fiary Queen (we missed Candis Cayne and she brought it hard this week). Julia reveals her magic to the queen, who recognizes she’s god touched, and the queen agrees to go with them, get collared, and trust that Julia will be able to free them all. Unfortunately things go south when it’s revealed there is no collar-removing device or spell because the collars are actually a fairy deal. Double crossed by the McAllister’s eldest fairy, and Julia unable to save them (seems a little plot-holey that her near god magic can’t break the collars) she convinces the Fairy Queen to break the deal, and with a lot of hesitation, and only to save her people, she jeopardizes everything her people have and does so.

The Magicians – Syfy

Presumably this breaks all of the fairy’s deals because Fen loses sight of them, as do the horirble McAllisters and the fairies salughter them all in what the fandom has deemed “the Red Dinner Party” — thanks PKW podcast! The Fairy Queen thanks Julia and reveals they have one of the keys, but use it to sustain the fairy realm in Fillory, and the episode is left there. We theorize that this will lead to the show altered version of Julia’s ascension into (demi)goddes ship, and instead if slipping to theotherside of Fillory to be the demigoddess of dryads (she kind of burned that bridge in season 2. Literally.) She will become the foundation of the fairy realm and help them develope their new place in the world now that their deals have been broken.

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It was a good episode, their was drama, action, intrigue, and we feel like Julia is the new Daenerys while Game of Thrones is mia until 2019 — just think of all the title we can call her! Julia Wicker: god-touched, breaker of chains, hedge witch supreme. It’s there and we are satisfied and hungry for more as season 3 draws closer to its finale.

The Magicians – Syfy

We do want to discuss our ever growing annoyance with the media input that “Julia and Fen are an unlikely team” because it’s bullshit. They’re both strong women who have faced trauma and struggled, that when the time came had to embrace their light to have mercy on the one’s that wronged them (Julia and Reynard, Fen and the fairies). Their compelling backstories let them bond, and their different personalities allow them to learn from and ground eachother, which seems less “unlikely duo” and more match made in heaven.

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With no Kady this episode we almost forgot to include Penny! He is stuck in the underworld branch ofthe library causing mischief misshelving books and being sassy. He struggles with Sylvia and decides to try and con a move-on pass to leave the underworld and his deal behind. He succeeds and is intercepted by Hades [Persephone/OLU’s husband! Reynards father?] Who discusses destiny and potential, and lets Penny decide his own fate. In a forced redemption he lets Sylvia have the pass to reunite with her family and he stops resisting his new path. We theorize that Hades is the one that recruited the demon in the musical episode and is influencing the key quest because shworunner John McNamara had said we had heard of th influencing character but hadn’t met -him-. We have a lot of feelings and hope to gush even more next week!