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Image Source: Anita Blake Marvel Comics

Last week I reviewed Lunatic Café. This week I am reviewing Bloody Bones in which Anita is asked to come in in the morning by her boss Bert who is also owner of Animators Inc. Bert is a piece of work. He is a greedy S.O.B. and is totally ok with it. He can be a bit shady and doesn’t care about that either. Anyway, he had Anita look at photos of a dug up graveyard before coming into his office. When she goes in to see Bert he reveals that he is bidding on a job for Beadle, Beadle, Stirling and Lowenstien and he wants her to do it. She is the only one in the US that may have the power to do this job. When Anita indicates she might be able to raise an entire graveyard, Bert decides to up the asking price.

Anita gets the job and subsequently, she and coworker/trainee must fly to Branson Missouri. Anita HATES flying. She is absolutely terrified of it. What’s worse is she must fly in a helicopter and to really make the flight better she and Larry must travel with Stirling’s stuck up lawyer. When she finally meets Stirling, they don’t hit off at all. When she explains she cannot raise zombies until full dark he is even angrier.

Later Larry and Anita go to the Bloody Bones restaurant to grab dinner. They meet the owners Magnus and Dorcas Bouvier. Anita and Larry are told by them that they are part fey (fairies).  During dinner, Sargent Dolph Storr of the RPIT squad in St. Louis Missouri, to have Anita go and check out a local (Branson) crime scene. Once there they find a girl dead with a vampire bite on her neck in her bed and the rest of the family unharmed.

Anita has been dating both Richard and Jean-Claude. Anita tries to avoid Jean-Claude besides date nights or triumvirate business. Unfortunately for her, she ends up needing information about the Master of the City for Branson. Not only does Jean-Claude give Anita information, he flies down to Branson and sets up a meeting with Seraphina, the Master of Branson. Because Anita is spending time with Jean-Claude and she is already somewhat attracted to him and while he is there, she ends up giving in to the lust and kisses him until he draws blood which pisses her off. She had just given him blood to save his life after the fight between the Branson vampires and Anita, Larry, Jean-Claude and Jason, and he goes and tries to taste more.

In the final showdown, Anita and Larry are starting the ritual to raise the dead from the dug up graveyard but Anita feels their power stirring another power and she stops the ritual. The Branson vampires choose that moment to attack. Will Anita and Larry survive this night? Will Jean-Claude come to her aid again? Read up and let me know what you think of this book below.