Valentines Day is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate our favorite loving holiday than talking about Fandom Love, Ships, and OTPs. I’ll be honest when I started The Game of Nerds over seven years ago. I knew nothing about ships, OTPs, or even fan fiction. Thankfully, I found Meg, and she taught me everything I know. In this episode, I sit down with the inseparable duo, Meg and Carla of Bed, Wed, and Behead Podcast. Meg was on our Supernatural episode last year, and I’ve been fingerling over THE CARLA (yep, all caps) for years now. If anyone is to learn the rules to ships and OTPs, it’s from these two nerd masters.

After gushing over our joint love of Big Mouth on Netflix, we talk about Fandom Love. There are different levels from “yeah I like it” to “fangirl obsessed”. We accept all levels of obsession here at The Game of Nerds as long as it’s not hurting anyone else, but more on that later. We jump headfirst into defining some of these fandom terms that are used all the time in posts like:

Shipping / “Ship” – Relationship – When you put to people in a relationship

OTP – One True Pairing – These are meant to be together

NOTP – Not One True Pairing – These do not belong together

We talk about our childhood obsessions and how they were essentially the beginning of shipping and OTPs. We joke about some of the ridiculous shipping names that have popped up over the years and how some actors have gone to great lengths to entertain fans who believe in certain ships. Each fandom has its own stomping grounds where they like to hang out and chat. For the most part, you can find most content on sites like Twitter or Tumblr by searching your favorite fandoms hashtags. We openly talk about that each of us has private social media accounts because sometimes our OTPs or our shipping can seem “weird,” or people disagree with it. It sucks because we really enjoy interacting with fans but hate being judged for something we really like. It may not be your cup of tea, but it’s our cup. There is a very dark side of Fandom love that can get very scary. While we joke here at The Game of Nerds that there is no shame in an unhealthy obsession with a fandom, we will never approve of dangerous or illegal actions. There is a line that gets crossed often in fandoms. This can include harassing other fans and actors or even abusing work privileges to get information about people. In some instances, we have “fandom conspiracists” who are spreading false and often ridiculous information. It’s also one thing when your “obsession” gets in the way of priorities like keeping food on the table or taking care of your children.

There is some competition in Fandoms, which usually results in Fandom Wars. This could be two ships within a specific fandom or fandom vs. fandom. We must remember, IT’S JUST A SHOW. There is no need to bully someone over your ship/fandom. Carla brings up an excellent point in the section that yes, you can be passionate and believe with your whole heart in something. But there is a chance that no matter how much you wish, plead, and beg; you will never get that ship to happen. That’s the fun in ships believing in the impossible and the gratification of when it does happen or even the validation that you weren’t crazy that entire time. We continue chatting about some of our favorite ships like David and Patrick from Schitt’s Creek, Pacey and Joey from Dawson Creek, and Destiel from Supernatural.

A big portion of this episode’s conversation also lands on Fanfiction. When The Game of Nerds was in its early stages, we played with allowing fan fiction. I quickly realized it was a can of worms I didn’t want to open and more drama than I wanted to deal with. That doesn’t take away from the fact that I think Fanfiction writers are some of the most talented writers I’ve met in my life. There is good talented fan fiction, and then there is some weird, terrible stuff too. At the end of the day, it’s still writing. All three of us agreed that people who say Fanfiction isn’t writing and “your not a writer if you write fan fiction” are full of sh*t. Writing is writing, and it’s an escape. That’s what Fandoms provide us is an escape and a way to connect with other people. Fandoms really bring out the talent whether you are an artist, cosplayer, writer, or even fan. We top the conversation off with what ships we plan on going down.

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