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Why Schitt’s Creek’s David and Patrick Are Simply the Best Ship on TV

Shipping characters on TV or in movies is as old as the medium itself. Be it Spock and Kirk, Buffy and Spike, Sam and Diane, or Dean and Cas. Canon or not, thousands of fanfics, fan art, and playlists have been dedicated to our favorite pairings. However, there is one ship that out-sails all others on TV, and that is David Rose and Patrick Brewer from Schitt’s Creek. The following are just a few reasons why David and Patrick are Simply the Best:

They embarrass themselves for each other

It may not seem huge, but stepping outside of his comfort zone is a big deal for David. Also the fact that he’s more excited about the after game BBQ than standing in a field dodging baseballs speaks to me on a spiritual level. The point is, David knew (and if he didn’t, it was pointed out) that athletics is not exactly his strong suit, but Patrick needed him and he stepped up. A+ boyfriending.

They support even the most ridiculous shit


Patrick doesn’t know why David insists on doing some of the shit he does, but he still goes along with it, whether it be a bit, or ya know… an outdoor ropes course because a 20 year old magazine judged you.

Patrick grounds David


One of my favorite things about these two is the fact that they’re so different, and complement each other so well. David is slow to trust, and yet somehow constantly gives too much of himself, but Patrick is there to hold on. He gives David his own confidence, and even when they’re struggling, somehow there is always a deep truth to them.

Patrick gets David’s humor, and can tell when he’s being endearingly hyperbolic vs when he’s actually in a panic


Let’s face it: David can sometimes be a little much. In the best possible way, and the fact that Patrick recognizes the differences between David messing around or actually feeling unseure and upset speaks volumes.

David is supportive of Patrick’s coming out process


This could have been a disaster if not handled so well, but David not only understanding Patrick not telling his parents about their relationship, but going out of his way and comfort zone to make it as smooth as possible for Patrick was just so beautifully done.

Patrick hasn’t been scared off by Moira or Johnny or Alexis!


If David is “a little much” his family is a whole lotta much. They’re eccentric and intrusive and a hot mess, but one of the best things about this family, and the show, is that they all love each other, wholly. Maybe before coming to Schitt’s Creek, it would be possible to have one of the Roses without every single other one, but that’s no longer the case. Not only does Patrick accept this group of weirdos, he fully embraces and loves them, giving David a chance to finally feel comfortable in his own skin as well as in his family.

Patrick befriended Stevie and understands her importance in David’s life


David and Stevie’s friendship was my favorite part of this show when it began… the David and Patrick’s relationship was… and now it’s Patrick and Stevie. It would be so easy for Patrick (and the writers) to put a little bit of jealousy and a rift between the two for “drama,” but I love that they went the complete opposite direction, bu making Stevie an integral part of this little family, and giving her and Patrick the space to grow an amazing friendship

There’s no sense that they’re settling. They’re simply the best for each other


It’s hard to know how things would have turned out if they’d met in NYC and while David was *David,* but there is no doubt that, given the chance, these two would be together regardless of situation. There is no sense that they’re together because there is a dirge of gay men in this tiny town, they’re together because they genuinely love each other and it makes my heart so happy.

They’re happy


That’s it. They’re happy. In a world where all TV shows seem to think that, in order to keep relationships “interesting, there needs to be some drama or will-they-won’t-they tension, David and Patrick stand as an example that you can be happy, healthy, have normal relationship issues, and still be an interesting and compelling couple for viewers. It’s damn refreshing, if I’m being honest.

Okay, so I had a lot more reasons at first, but eventually it just kind of became a play by play of their entire relationship, so I had to narrow it down.  Feel free to add your own reasons as we prepare for the final season of Schitt’s Creek, and if you haven’t seen it, get your ass to Netflix and start binging. And as a bonus (because I love it so much), here’s Patrick serenading David with his butter voice:


Schitt‘s Creek returns for its final season on January 7, 2020, on CBC in Canada and Pop TV in the U.S.

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