In their releases for the Halloween season, Netflix gave us the movie Hubie Halloween. For some weird reason, it makes me think of Scooby-Doo‘s name. The story takes place in the one place I desperately want to visit in this world, Salem Massachusetts. I wonder if the town looks like it does in the movie. In any case, being a Happy Madison production, it’s bound to be weird. I wasn’t let down.

We open to Hal L. the nurse giving a sleeping patient a hard time only to find that he flew the coop. Next, we see a man on a bike riding through town with people throwing things at him. He gets flustered when he sees Violet Valentine and flips his bike.

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At work, Hubie is called “Pubie” by a customer, Landolfa, and scared by a coworker and the customer. Later Hubie tries to give Sgt. Downey the low down only to find out he tries to “help” the police a lot. Some kids wearing Scream masks chase Hubie on the bike. Hubie shows some impressive moves. After being thrown from his bike, a kindly old man talked to him, Walter Lambert. Hubie does NOT like to be scared. His overdramatic reaction is over the top funny. His mom definitely has an interesting shirt on with the wrong definition. You’ll see what I mean.

Hubie’s mom has a heart to heart with him. She encourages him to face his fears. Hubie’s thermos is seriously a go-go Gadget thermos. OK, so Hubie’s mom has a few great shirts. Sgt. Downey is called out to a pig murder. Hubie took the trouble of printing out some stuff to do for the waiting lines only to have it tossed out in the trash right in front of him. Hubie gets to have a one on one conversation with Violet. She tells Hubie that she has seen Walter’s name on a tombstone and that Hubie would know why it’s odd. Hubie and his trusty thermos go to the cemetery to check it out. Nobody in this town besides his mother and Violet seems to like Hubie. Even the priest doesn’t like him.

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Hubie is a trooper. I bet he is king at dodge ball. After seeing the gravestone without a death date for Walter Lambert, Hubie is now suspicious of him. At the school, Hubie does a safety presentation and even the elementary kids completely disrespect him. Mrs. Dubios and her friend wear some interesting shirts. A guy that was seen relieving himself earlier, is walking around town with a pig mask. Violet’s kids pick up on the fact that she likes Hubie. Watch for the cat. You’ll know it when you see it. There is no shortage of people to be mean to Hubie. After some banter between Hubie and Lester, he tells Hubie about noise at Mr. Lambert’s house. When checking out the noise Hubie breaks in only to watch Mr. Lambert all too smoothly get past him and away.

Sgt. Downey tells the couple that had the dead pig that Richie Hartman is missing. The wife is concerned but she knows who he is. Hubie walks in on the discussion and cuts it short. Instead of listening, Sgt. Downey gives Hubie a sweet-sounding deal that Hubie is dumb enough to accept. Violet’s daughter, Cooky, listened to Hubie and decides to donate half her candy to the homeless. She finds out her brother is gone. Hubie is trying to break up a party and ends up being the butt of a few jokes. The kid who instigated the last joke ends up being taken. Tommy and Megan find Hubie and he politely tells Tommy to get home to his sisters. Hubie is unfailingly polite and kind.

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Violet gets back to work and after being yelled at by her boss because “there are no breaks on Halloween”. Hubie goes to the drive-in trying to figure out where Michael disappeared to. Lester is there with his wife. He licks his fake fingers hoping to “turn her on” and it has the opposite reaction. Then they decide to play a prank on him. Lester ends up chasing him in a car. The kids throw stuff at him some more until he does a Batman move. He runs into Walter again only to be more convinced that Walter is a werewolf. Sgt. Downey reports to the Mayor that on top of a psycho on the loose, there is also a high school student missing. The Mayor keeps the festivities going anyway.

Hubie goes to see Violet for soup and makes the most disgusting blend. Violet calls Hubie a hero. The Hennessey’s go missing next. Walter goes back to his house and chains himself to the fridge. The guy with the pig mask tells Walter that they need to talk. Hubie goes to Violet’s house to bring back the girls. Tommy is relieved to see his sisters with Hubie. Hubie runs out because he thinks he hears Walter in dog form. He goes to the haunted house and talks to a dog he believes to be Walter. After a heart-wrenching fright from the haunted house, he finds the dog again and throws the silver bullet at the dog who eats it. Landolfa strikes out with the girl he was hitting on and goes in to take it out on Hubie but is abducted before he can. Landolfa was immediately discovered missing and the Mayor is in trouble.

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Sgt. Downey calls Sgt. Blake. Sgt. Blake tells Sgt. Downey the psycho is in the station with his roommate. Everyone turns on Hubie. Hubie takes off running and runs to WTCH, the local radio station. You will NEVER guess who is behind the radio voice. Hubie must do a real undercover mission to save himself. Violet comes to meet him as he and the cops planned. Both Hubie and Violet profess their love for each other until Hubie runs off.

Why did Hubie run off? What becomes of their confessions? Was everyone found? Seriously, watch Hubie Halloween. It is absolutely hilarious. I haven’t been very impressed with much of Adam Sandler’s movies since Click, but this was sidesplitting and his thermos is outstanding. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Til next week…

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