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Locke & Key S1 E4 “The Keeper of the Keys”

Kinsey seems to have gotten back to her own self and is happy about life. She has dyed her hair and got early and made everyone breakfast. But Tyler is suspicious about her behavior and the change in her. He keeps pushing until she gives him and answer. She tells him that she killed her fear monster and buried it. She defends herself by saying their dad used the keys and she did what she needed to do for herself. Tyler wants her to be rational and tells her that her dad ran away from this place for a reason and she should be careful. She feels like it was the best thing that she could have done. And everyone likes her sudden and drastic change.

The kids try and move on. Ellie drops by. But it is not clear if she is sincere or if she is trying to gain information for herself. Nina questions Ellie about the group of friends. And begins to ask about individual persons. Most of which are dead or afflicted in some type of way. Ellie shows Nina a peek at her husband’s past. Now, remember Ellie was also one of the friends, but she is alive and well. On top of which, she had a key to the well house and called the well lady Lucas. Nina continues to ask Ellie questions but she is evasive. We know she is lying but we don’t know why or about what.

Then the well lady shows up in front of Erin, another one of Rendell’s friends, and tells her that a lot of their friends are dead. She wants something from her, but we still don’t know what. Somehow they are all connected by some type of event. It also seems like only some of them remember. But Ellie remembers what happened. And she is keeping a lot of secrets about the house and Rendell. Then Bode helps us learn some information about Ellie too. We know that she loved Lucas and that he died. Bode decides to research Key house and the well house. But he doesn’t find anything except well lady calling him from inside a book.

Tyler, who always liked Jackie, is participating in the 5k. Along with the help of a teacher, he finally has a reason to speak to her. He then gets it in his head that’s he wants to become more knowledgeable about a subject that Jackie likes by using the head key and planting information in there. Kinsey took out her fear, and he added in books. Now, Tyler can speak to Jackie about something that she likes. And he gets to show it off to her while working on the 5k run. But he learns that she like Britain because of Jane Austen. Tyler tells her he will have to check it out, which gives him one other thing to talk to her about. He makes progress with Jackie too and they end up having a meal together.

New Kinsey made up with Scot and invited him to Key house. She starts by giving him a quick tour of the house that ends up in her room. You can feel his nervousness and peruses her room. But she just wants to show him the mind key. She doesn’t explain anything just puts the key in her neck and takes him to her brain mall. She then goes on to tell him about Key house and the keys. And that magic does exist. He has a hard time believing it until she shows him a memory. Scot is pretty stoked that magic exists and he and Kinsey grow closer and the moment ends with a first kiss.

Well Lady, finally makes an appearance before the two older Locke kids as they were having a heart to heart about what been going on. Well Lady uses the fire key to set the stove on fire and snatches Bode to get the keys. Nina never saw a thing. Tyler and Kinsey search the house for Bode but then he notices a fire burning outside. And Bode learns something new about the keys. Well Lady can’t take the keys from Bode, he has to give them to her. This pisses her off and she leaves using the anywhere key. She ends up in the jail cell of Sam, the man who killed Rendell. And she gives him the fire key. Which he uses to break out of jail. Apparently, they had a plan together before but he strayed from the path which landed him in jail. She also mentions that in order for Sam and her to be a family he has to follow the plan. But what plan? Was he supposed to kill Rendell?

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