If you missed last week’s episode, you can find it here.

We open to Gabe being approached in the hall by Marisol’s father. Mr. Fuentes is looking for her because he knows this is her school but not where she lives. Marisol sees Mr. Fuentes before he sees her and turns around and walks away. Gabe plays sympathetic but dumb. Go, Gabe!

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In class, Walt is excited that Mr. Iglesias is giving him his first driving lesson ever. He’ll make you roll your eyes talking about it though. After class Marisol thanks Gabe for helping her with her dad, only to find out that he was in on a plan with him.

Abby is leading a teacher’s yoga class in the courtyard of the school. Tony, Jackie, Carlos, and even Coach is there when Paula comes in. She’s on the phone making a spectacle of herself. When she gets off the phone she is angry until she cries. Coach is as supportive as ever. Walt managed to move Gabe’s van 14 inches.

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Paula is still crying the next day. Abby wants to fix her and Jackie cuts out when animal sacrifice is on the table. Carlos assumes Paula’s responsibilities and wants to go on a power trip. Marisol is going on the road with her father next week. She plans to do an independent study for the next semester and to come back after that. Gabe is trying to convince her it’s a dumb idea. Walt gets another driving lesson. He slips and calls Gabe Dad. Walt and Gabe go to see Marisol’s dad. Gabe and Mr. Fuentes talk and Mr. Fuentes tell Gabe to go. All Gabe was trying to do is look out for Marisol.

Coach and Tony try to snap Paula out of it. Abby tries to snap Paula out of it. Carlos caters to Paula’s pity so he can keep power. Marisol talks to Gabe. Does Paula snap out of it? Who gets Marisol’s desk? Does Walt pass his driving test? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next week…