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In the previous episode of the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, we witnessed what we thought was the end of Zelda’s life, but she was still alive. Not in her own body of course. Zelda was able to experience her life before her very eyes. It was funny watching her with Faustus when they were young, even then he was a tyrant. For some reason, she admired the monster he was and that monster is what has made the academy what it is now. A hot ball of mess and massacre. Zelda also saw Hilda and Edward in another realm where they reminisced. It was Edward who showed her what to do in their times of trouble, but before she could take action, Faustus stabbed her. Any hope that we had that she would live had been killed. Faustus not only killed his once wife, but he even stabbed his daughter who vowed to end him for all of the pain and suffering that he has put her through. We all know that Faustus never treated Prudence like she was his daughter, but he killed her like she meant absolutely nothing. He also wants every Spellman dead. It’s all about Judas and Judith now and the reformation of the church of Judas. Once all of the traders are slain, Blackwood can rebuild a coven that will worship him.

The Dark Lord’s Seed 

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Lilith is luckily still alive, but only because she was rewarded with the Dark Lord’s seed. For this reason, he can’t kill her and her child also has a right to the throne. This will give Sabrina more competition in the family heir, but it will be a while before that happens. Even though Lilith has held Sabrina out so much during her time as queen, I don’t think she has lost sight of what is really important to her. While the Dark Lord is still lurking, she will forever be the lost lover of Lucifer. I can see Lilith eventually trying to kill Sabrina because of her rightful place on the throne. She can even try to kill her to get back at the Dark Lord. After all, she does have a motive considering how Zelda dismissed her, Sabrina left her, and Lucifer abused her. This pregnancy is defiantly a weapon with the ball of mess that’s occurring and who’s to say that this baby won’t be Lucifer’s new favorite child. Sabrina has betrayed her father and coven, I’m surprised that he’s not trying to make her pay like the others.

He actually returned to Hell to help her win the last challenge. This plan backfired when Calaban tricked Sabrina into bringing the last piece of treasure. Calaban than turned Sabrina into a molded tree. Calaban is charming and smart, but I don’t think he will last too long as king once Lucifer gets wind of what he’s done to Sabrina. I think he might’ve had a little mercy on her had she not abandon him in the previous challenge, but then again he’s made of clay what is mercy to him? I still do believe that Calaban has feelings for Sabrina because he proposed to be married to her and rule side by side. That may be her only option to get out of her situation and have some power of what he does to the earth realm.

The Great Flower

The Pagans decided to come to Baxter high to recruit their pretties for their final takeover. Robin was able to save them until they were captured and taken to the carnival. This was the scene that made my heart fall apart. Poor Robin was tied to a wheel while Ros and Theo had to watch the virgin blood from Harvey get sucked up by the green man. The worst part was that Sabrina was in no shape to help. They screamed her name and she was tuck thanks to Calaban. This scene creeped me out in so many ways, but I’m was angrier at the ratio of witches contributing to the lead of this vs the witches that we’re helping to prevent it. A lot more could’ve been done, but this is the point in the storyline when all hope has been lost. If I’m right it will change around in the next episode. Hopefully, all of those witches aren’t dead and this was an illusion. If not, I will be heartbroken. Not over Zelda, but over Prudence, she has given this show edge and style much like Sabrina.


Rating 4/5

I loved this episode because it was a complete curveball. Everything that I was expecting to happen did not happen and left an egg on my face in the end. I was expecting for Zelda to pull through to help the coven, but Blackwood waited for her to wake up so that he could put her back to sleep. I also wasn’t expecting to see Edward’s ghost in the show. It shocked me when it was revealed that he wasn’t Sabrina’s father in the last season, but it really shocked me when he confirmed that it was true. I didn’t give this episode five stars because the weird sisters were killed. Call me petty, but they were important to this show and I loved them. I also wasn’t expecting the Pagans plan to go through which only happened because Sabrina couldn’t help. Seeing them get away with so much made me eager to see what will soon come to them. It looks like their winning, but I’m betting that Sabrina or Lucifer will shut their little fair down and run them out of Greendale. I live for these curveball episodes because you never know what’s going to happen. In a way, I loved this episode because nothing good happened! When the chips fall, it’s usually the start of a great ending.


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