Just in time for Christmas, The Librarians pulled through for us with a feel-good fairytale episode complete with a Princess, True Love’s Kiss, and alternate, idealized lives for the whole Library gang!

This episode was great fun to watch because of the sheer humor that comes from the utter violation of logic. From Moriarty claiming to have lived in Sicily (despite the English accent), to the seemingly pre-pubescent Australian FBI agent, to the brain-breaking concept of reality vs. fantasy (as portrayed by fantastical characters like Prospero, Ariel, and Moriarty), this episode threw all logic out the window, but never once compromised on quality entertainment.

Thanks to Prospero, the Library team fall victim to a Happily Ever After spell, which morphs their lives into exactly what they’ve always wanted. As outlined by human-Ariel, the spell can only be broken by everyone involved renouncing their “Happily Ever Afters”. After Flynn’s interventions, and quasi-adorable heartbreaking moments when he sees Eve kissing “Mayor Moriarty”, the team symbolically give up their perfect lives by sacrificing their respective Talismans.

Source: TNT // The Librarians

As usual, this week’s episode blew me away. Its unique ability to expose our idealized lives as inferior to the hands we’ve been dealt, against a backdrop of whimsy is staggering.

The Librarians Season 2 Finale airs tonight, Sunday, Dec. 27th.