Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

You don’t really realize how complex the plotlines of iZombie are until it’s been a year since you saw it last. The season premiere picks up just 2.8 minutes after the zombie outbreak at the Max Rager party in the finale. When we first met Vivian of Fillmore Graves Enterprises and she invited Liv to be part of the zombie revolution, we figured she may be this season’s big bad. This week, however, we saw Vivian and the rest of Fillmore Graves in a different light.

Liv, Clive, and Major decide to go to FGE to figure out what exactly Vivian meant and if they should consider her a threat. During their visit, they learned that while FGE IS preparing for battle, it is solely in defense of what they expect is coming. Eventually, the world will find out about zombies, and Vivian suspects that people will not react well, so they are preparing for “D-Day” (Discovery Day). They are ready to defend themselves if need be, and they are also preparing to leave Seattle and move to Zombie Island within a year and a half. This detail is important because it proves that they are not planning any sort of take over; they just want to live in peace. While this all seems pretty creepy to Clive at first, he sees a young boy named Wally walking into a classroom at FGE and he realizes that he and the rest of his families are zombies. This interaction starts to change Clive’s perspective. Zombies aren’t all bad–we know that from Liv and Major. Now, we’re just learning there are many more “good” ones out there who just can’t help their circumstances.

At first Clive is not into this idea of preparing for war, he’d rather go talk to someone higher up that he can trust and come to some agreement. Liv is weary of this–how do they know anyone they can really trust? Just as their paranoia heightens, suspicions of zombies rise as a security guard at the Max Rager party insinuates on the radio that zombies exist. Within a day, Wally and his family have been shot in the head with Max Rager cans in their pockets. Obviously the murders were meant as a threat to the rest of zombie-kind. It dawns on both Clive and Liv that zombies aren’t safe–people will react too harshly to their exposure. They need to keep the secret…and they need to team up with Fillmore Graves.

Major is off dealing with his own demons throughout the episode. Everyone sees him as the Chaos Killer (because he “sort of” was), and he can’t go anywhere without people giving him dirty looks. People even trashed his and Ravi’s house! He feels hopeless and can’t find a job, until finally we see at the end of the episode: he’s joined the team at Fillmore Graves. Liv seems to be happy with him, and it does seem like a smart move. Let’s hope this group doesn’t cause more trouble for Major…he seems to attract it wherever he goes.

Amnesia’d Blaine saved Peyton from Mr. Boss’ thugs in last season’s finale and she feels indebted to him, but she also still feels a pull to Ravi. Also, Blaine’s a jackass. It’s hinted at throughout the episode that Blaine really may be faking this whole amnesia thing to cover his ass. It’s not improbable, because he’s literally the worst. The real problem here is that he seems to be fooling Peyton. Peyton, who seems to have taken on the role of damsel-in-distress. When will Ravi stop acting wounded and step in to “save” her from Blaine?

This was a nice season opener that pushed us into the action we can expect for the rest of the season pretty quickly. The most exciting thing here is that all of the main players are now officially in the know and on the same side. We’ll see how it affects everyone going forward, but I’m sure it will be good.