We’ve already been teased for some pretty explosive storylines that are coming up in 2022, but I thought I would put together a little wishlist of other things that I would personally love to see happen in Erinsborough. A couple of them are actually plausible, while most of them are ridiculous. But this is Neighbours, after all – anything’s possible, right?

Karl is Unfaithful Again

Let’s spice things up in the Kennedy household and have Karl stray from Susan again, as we all know his head is quite easily turned. But who should this steamy affair be with? Jane? Terese? Or how about Aaron? That would shake things up a bit. It would cause tension at the hospital between Karl and David (and Clive too!), and it would give Aaron something to do apart from looking exasperated by his family’s antics and calling everyone under the age of 18, “buddy”. And while I’m not condoning violence, we all remember how iconic Susan’s slap was when she found out Karl was playing away from home, so we know how juicy it could get when she finds out.

Trouble for Aaron and David? Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Paul and Harlow Start Dressing Like Dr Evil and Mini Me

Does anyone else think that Paul and Harlow could totally pull of the grey tunic look that Dr Evil and Mini Me rock? I reckon they could, especially since they’re now an evil double-act, teaming up to manipulate the whole of Erinsborough and generally be thoroughly unpleasant. It would certainly look better on Harlow than that absolutely vile Lassiters blouse she has to wear, although I’m not sure either of them could pull off the bald look. There’s only one way to find out though. Get those razors out, Robinsons!

Toadie Actually Becomes Psychic

We’re all familiar with people in Erinsborough getting amnesia after getting a bump on the head, but what if someone got bopped on the head and then discovered they developed psychic powers? Melanie loves her a bit of psychic mumbo-jumbo, and it would blow her mind if Toadie turned out to actually have the gift. The two of them could turn the law office into a fortune-telling business, and clientele with lives as hectic as the people living in Erinsborough would absolutely lap it up. Sheila might never interfere in her grandsons’ love lives again if there was someone there who could tell her it would definitely go wrong. Then again, what am I talking about? She’d probably still do it…

It’s official -Toadie has the worst taste. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Amy Decides Two Boyfriends Just Isn’t Enough

Amy already has two boyfriends on the go, so why not add another couple of partners into the mix? It’s already getting insanely complicated and messy, so how bad could it actually get? I bet she could rope Leo in, he doesn’t mind a terrible decision or two when it comes to romance. And maybe Leo could bring along Chloe as well, I can see her and Amy having fun together, and she’s good looking enough to be brought into this group of very attractive polyamorous people. They could all live together at number 24 in a kind of romantic commune. In actual fact they’d probably spend the entire time falling out with each other, there would be so much drama.

Michel Moves In

Can this genuinely happen please? I love him so much, he’s an absolute riot. Imagine if he lived in the street, he would drive everyone absolutely crazy and cause chaos wherever he went. I can almost hear the way Sheila would yell at him for gatecrashing her spa, and see how affronted Karl would be if Michel raided his greenhouse for fresh veggies – because he absolutely would do both of these things. It would be carnage and I’d be… Here. For. It.

I love him. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Glen Pushes Paul Off the Roof

We all know Glen has come back to get some sort retribution for the way that Paul treated him, and I reckon the fairest way to do that is for Glen to just yeet Paul off the hotel roof. Why not? There wouldn’t be many people who’d shed too many tears for him, and it’s about time someone took out the trash.

Let me know if you have any ideas for things you’d like to see in 2022 and, in the meantime, have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!