Black Clover, a popular anime, has made a hit debut on Netflix in the top 10 in its first week. With its dark tone and striking imagery, Black Clover has quickly become a fan-favorite among anime fans. The series is produced by Studio Pierrot and written by Yōichi Kimura. The series premiered on TV Tokyo in Japan on January 7, 2017, and was also broadcast on KCCI. However, if you’re not savvy with the show or haven’t watched it yet, this article is right up your alley!

The story of Black Clover takes place in a world where magic is at the forefront, and people who can’t use it are shamed and degraded by society. Asta and Yuno are found abandoned at the same church on the same day, and they quickly discover that they have a unique bond with one another as they progress. While Yuno has sensational magical capabilities, Asta does not have any at all, which makes him the object of ridicule and scorn among his peers. Regardless of his lack of ability, Asta still maintains hope and trains to be the first wizard king, hoping his power will someday surface. Despite the differences in their magical abilities, Asta and Yuno share a common goal: they both dream of becoming the Wizard King, the most powerful wizard in the Clover Kingdom, and the one who holds the ultimate power.

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Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard Kings
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Asta is a high-spirited and focused individual who overcomes his lack of magical power with sheer physical strength. At the same time, Yuno is self-contained and calm, utilizing his vast magical powers to overcome any blockade. The two boys are sent to different Magic Knight Squads, with Yuno joining the top-tier Golden Dawn Squad and Asta joining the underdog Black Bulls Squad. The Black Bulls are made up of societal misfits and outcasts of the Clover Kingdom. Initially, the members of the Black Bulls are dubious of Asta’s lack of magical abilities, but they soon discover that his will and heart are his greatest assets. As the series progresses, viewers are introduced to a wide range of characters, each with their own unique power and personality. Black Clover takes many twists and turns, introducing new villains, plot twists, and mysteries.

The Netflix movie picks up in the series where it left off after Asta battles with a devil called Liebe. Liebe is a portion of himself that can harness the power of anti-magic, allowing Asta to wield it successfully. The Clover kingdom is under attack by past kings who served the kingdom, brought back to life by Conrad, the predecessor to Julius, the current wizard king. The action-packed movie gives the cast and crew a visually stunning and heartfelt performance. Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King was directed by Ayataka Tanemura, who also directed the three episodes in the first season of the TV series, Kill la Kill(2014) and Devilman (2018). When you sit down this evening and scroll through Netflix, be sure to add this one to the watchlist. Its funny dialogue and action-packed scenes will keep you occupied and entertained.

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Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King