And now we’ve finally come to the end of 2020! It was tough, but fortunately, there was a lot of really great, awesome furry art to help us through.

For the final week of art in 2020, it didn’t disappoint. There were lots of good picks, the top three were once again hard to order. On top of that, nearly every single honorable mention nearly made it onto the main list. So what sort of art are we concluding the year with? Let’s see what we got in store, starting with:

7. Casting New Year

It looks like the spooky dog is back once again! I think this may have been one of the first times we’ve had someone’s original character make the main list back-to-back like this.

Ulitochka once again brings the spooky puppy to life to ring in the new year. The upward angle really gives the character a dynamic sense of power, and it’s cool being able to see more of the ghosts in her spooky fur. In addition, the sun’s once again in a great position, capping off the piece with an ethereal purple-pink glow that brings attention to the spooky dog’s red eyes.

6. The Guardian of the Sea

Devin Elle Kurtz once again brings some outright beautiful depictions of legendary Pokemon to the table. This time around we had a series of pictures dedicated to Generation 2’s Lugia, and this picture was my favorite out of the carousel.

What sets this one apart for me is how everything is framed. All of the little Pokemon critters at the bottom of the sea are downright adorable looking, protected by the powerful Lugia. This piece really demonstrates that title, as they swim above the other creatures, arms stretched out as if they are trying to protect them. Couple that with some great underwater effects, and some amazing use of blues and lights, and you’ve got yet another slam-dunk-depiction of this legendary sea beast.

5. Legendary Halls

If there’s two things that Zyor does well, it’s make amazing furry art, and make some great advertisements for commissions. While I’m sure this piece wasn’t made specifically as a commission ad, the original post was advertising commissions – also be careful, they aren’t cheap. But for art like this, it’s worth the price.

While it’s technically a furry piece since the only anthro thing we’ve got are statues, it’s still great. The stone work of these lions are depicted very well, and there are even scratches and scrapes no doubt brought upon by the years. However, the main selling point in this is the size and scale of these statues. See that little guy down there for a comparison. It really lends the statutes, and the piece itself, to a massive, powerful, regal look.

4. Smiling Forest

Newcomer Kaya’s Cosmos really brings it with this depiction of a lush, beautiful forest. Right off the bat, I can appreciate the variety of flora and fauna in this pic that adds a lot to the piece. You also have a nice variety of animals as well, all traveling forward to some unknown destination. But what steals the show in this piece is the greyhound. Look at how happy she looks! It adds a lot of wholesomeness and fun to a piece that’s already bursting with lush greens, fun animals, and all-around skill.

But don’t get too lost in the lush forests, we’ve got 2020’s final list of honorable mentions to check out:

It was pretty tough to put some of these in the honorable mentions, as there’s lots of great style and skill here.

Speaking of which, it’s time to get into the top three, starting with:

3. Sunrise Solitude

Kicking off the top three is this fantastic commission of Galen by Eruca. The angle the character is drawn at is what immediately caught my attention, as I don’t really see such a crooked downward angle in furry art, which gives the piece a bit of a unique look. Eruca’s work on Galen is a pleasure to look at, with glistening gold, sparkling gems, and an enticing outfit. Don’t get too careless though, that dagger Galen has hidden looks mean.

In addition there’s one heck of a landscape to look at. It’s wide open, sprawingling, and full of color, almost in a direct contrast with the shaded and moody Galen. It seems like there’s a bit of a story behind this character as well, so I’m definitely interested to see more of them.

2. Winter Arcanine

Momobeda wraps himself into the #2 spot with this outright alluring female arcanine. However, it takes more than a lack of clothing to make the top spot, and if you peer at those ribbons closely, you’ll see that the artist did some amazing texture work on them. Mombedia did a brilliant job in making them look like luxurious silk ribbons, and their tone plays well with the arcanine’s orange fur. Speaking of which, the arcanine’s fur is rendered very well, and her long flowing hair is gorgeous to look at. And then you have the pure white snow which sparkles here and there, which adds to the alluring tone of the piece.

And now, we’ve got the final #1 piece of 2020:

1. Magnum

Never did I expect a “Magnum Bullets” piece of fanart to creep its way into the final #1 spot. I just happened to spot Jerome sharing some of their favorite pieces of 2020, and given that it was my first time seeing this piece, that made it eligible. I almost sort of wish the song released in January, as that’d make for one interesting bookend.

Getting back on track, this piece shines with as much awesome style and dynamics as the music video that inspired it. The bright colors all blend remarkably well, and each character is posed in such a cool way, with Square and Star taking on fierce poses, and Triangle firing his inner anguish and sorrow into his bullet, and the menacing moose in a classsic villain pose. Seriously, if this ever gets made into a movie, an anime, heck even a comic book, this needs to be the poster for it.

Congratulations and well done Jerome Jacinto! Your piece is the #1 piece for this week and the final #1 piece in 2020!

It was a pleasant surprise to see so many cool pieces at the end of the year, and it makes me excited to see what other cool artists are out there. I’ve found so many brilliant and skilled artists thanks to doing this series, and I hope the same has gone for all of you.

See you all in 2021 for more awesome furry art!