This episode was easily one of my favourites, we pick up where last weeks left off, with Diana, having just been taken from Sept Tours by Satu. Satu attempts to disarm her, and persuade her into doing what she wants, tries to appeal to the side of Diana that might become more amenable since she is also a witch. We’re again being reminded of the mysterious and revered Bishop bloodline, Satu’s desire to find out more about Diana’s power leads her to respond to Diana’s comment that not every witch shows magical aptitude; “But you’re not just any witch. You’re a Bishop.”

One very interesting part of their conversation, or dialogue, is when Diana reacts angrily, telling Satu that she was the one who was lied to, growing up she was told “That humans and their ignorance killed my parents… but it was witches. Witches killed them and they covered it up.” When Satu laughs disbelievingly, Diana repeats herself, adding “Ask Knox”. At this point, we see a tear fall down Satu’s face, we can assume that such a thing is unimaginable in the witch community if this is her immediate reaction.

One of the things I’ve consistently adored about this series is the quality of the CGI they’ve implemented, there are some stunningly creative and beguiling additions to the episodes within it. The following scene being one, Diana’s aunt is scrying for her, a witchy version of checking up on someone, what she finds is far from comforting. It mirrors exactly what is happening in Diana’s life at that moment.

We’re shown a significantly darker side to Satu, who was already a bit questionable when it came to ethics, she upgrades from mere physical harm being done to Diana, right up to torture. We find out that she used an ‘opening spell’, in previous episodes this has come up, but it was said that you only ever did it to someone who was dead, it was unimaginable to do this to someone alive… Interestingly, and confusingly, after burning an insignia into Diana, Satu falls to her knees, and then her and Diana both pass out, within the fire.

The story that the book tells, when Diana is in this predicament, trapped underground, was one of the most enchanting; a part of the fairytale making up the bedtime story that her parents would tell her over and over, having had to bring this moment, amongst others to screen from the pages of the book, it was materialized pretty perfectly.

“Diana was locked in a dark room, all alone. A witch had trapped her inside. She wondered how she would ever get out. But then, she heard a knocking at the door. It was the prince. He used all of his strength to open the locked door, but he still couldn’t get to her. Diana spied a hole in the roof, just big enough for her to squeeze through. So she called up to him ‘fly down and lift me out’, but the prince couldn’t fly. Diana had to help herself.”

The eerily creepy reminder from the animated severed head of a witch who Gerbert has trapped in a box is spoken again “Beware of the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf”. One nugget of information that’s been held tantalizingly above our heads all season gets revealed. The witch that was held captive all these years, was an incredibly powerful, revered old witch; Meridiana. We see Satu is undone by learning that it is she who was incarcerated by Gerbert. She free’s Meridiana from her bindings, sending her on into the beyond, in response she replies “Thank you, Weaver“. For anyone who’s read the books this word should be sending off alarm bells..

The episodes leaves us off, with Diana seeming to settle in her inner strength, having not given in to Satu or her torture. Telling Matthew “Satu tried to rip me apart. She wanted to open me up to see my power, I didn’t let her.” Having to see the physical remains and mark that she had left on her body. We also see the first of Matthews pet names for Diana making their first appearance on screen from the book series, when he’s praising her strength and calling her ‘Ma Lionne’. More importantly, Diana comments that even with the pain of her recent torture, she feels different, changed. Ysabeau tells her that they’re conifdent that she had been spellbound, explaining why her magic had been so limited previously. But that recent events had shaked off the bindings, or ribbons that controlled her magic. This comes as quite the shock, as Diana remarks – only witches who were dangerous or crazy were ever spellbound, before asking the question What am i?