The Mindy Project 508 – Hot Mess Time Machine

MIndy came back, and then back again, and then again and again and one more time for good measure

Before The Mindy Project went on Christmas break and Mindy Kaling went off to be a movie star (#slayqueen), Mindy Lahiri was having relationship drama. She kissed her pretentious gross ex Jamie at a party just as her boyfriend at the time was looking in her direction. They had a huge fight in the street and he walked away, saying that she didn’t really care about him and that she’s not good enough for him.


We pick up a week after where we left off, Mindy is bummed AF about Ben, she got her monthly visit from the KoolAid Man but forgot to buy tampons, and her phone falls in a huge cup of soda she keeps by the bed. This is just the beginning of her depressing Wednesday, the morning news says being single and over 30 leads to acne, she misses Leo, & she’s late to work, Morgan immediately remarks on her period, Colette sneezes on her, and finally Beverly stabs her with her fruit knife.

Mindy heads to the hospital to deliver a baby and her patients are being insufferable, then she runs into Ben, who doesn’t even let her get through her weird fake half apology. Cut to night time, when Mindy just goes to bed, hoping for a better Thursday.


When homegirl wakes up, it’s Wednesday again! My favourite part of all this is how quickly she realized and accepted that she was in a Groundhog day situation! The other hilarious thing is how long it takes her to learn the lesson she’s supposed to learn, every Hallmark heroine who goes through this learns her lesson in a week, tops.

After the first couple of repeat Wednesdays, Mindy starts doing whatever she wants, she finishes a crossword puzzle, learns to dunk, wears fur to work, has sex with Duncan Deslauriers and goes to every McDonald’s in Manhattan. The best thing she does is bid a shit ton of money on a lunch with Oscar Isaac!!! Morgan gives some wise sage advice and tells her that maybe The Universe is repeating each day so she can get back with Ben!


So ever, she ties to get Ben to talk to her. First she handcuffs them to each other, but he’s into magic so he cufs her to a chair. Then, she pretends she’s dying to get his attention. When he finds out she lied, he calls it “classic Mindy” and calls her selfish. When the day repeats, Mindy quotes him back to him and convinces him to give her a shot.

Over time, they start becoming friends again, and Mindy studies up on all his favourite TV Shows and movies. She even gives his mom thousands of dollars for her chocolate banana bread recipe, gets semi-good with a lightsaber and becomes a Star Trek and Marvel expert.


Ben is super impressed about how much they have in common and what an interest she’s taking in him. However, at the end of every Wednesday, he flies with Lindsay to St-Louis to see her mom/his ex Patricia.

One Wednesday over froyo, Mindy lets him eat his own yogurt and doesn’t say anything antisemitic! When 5 o’clock rolls around, she reminds him to get on his flight because she doesn’t want Lindsay to be alone and scared.

Ben is hella impressed by this sweetness, and says he hopes to see her around the hospital when he gets back!


Mindy goes to bed that night, thinking she’ll get another Wednesday, and saying she won’t remind him to get on the plane so she can lock him down for good. Meanwhile, Morgan has been doing some crazy things because he’s also sure his day will repeat.

Unfortunately for both of them, they wake up to Thursday! Morgan’s grandma punched him in the face because he called her a slut, and Mindy’s pretty sure she’s lost Ben forever.

BUT THEN that night, as she’s about to eat a totally normal amount of food, he shows up at her door. When Ben landed in St-Louis, he realized that he wants to be with Mindy, so he came right back! She apologizes and almost says the L word!!! They decide to get back together, make-out a little, and we cut to credits!


I’m super thrilled that this won’t be the last we see of Bryan Greenberg because as you all know by now, I love him so much I can’t even. My only issue with this episode is the lack of Tamra in it, but they can fix that!

Honorable Mention

  • Mindy calling her period the KoolAid man
  • Ben being a fanboy, stickler for detail about movie vs comic
  • Colette sneezing on Mindy
  • Beverly’s fruit knife
  • Jeremy’s dedication to the ABCDE’s of forceps hygiene

A new episode is now streaming on Hulu, Peter & Mindy crash Lindsay’s Bat Mitzvah! Check back in with us next week for a rundown of all the shenanigans!


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