Diana and Matthew make their way to her childhood home where she lived initially with her parents, and then following their disappearance and deaths, her aunt Sarah and Em. After getting used to the witchy house, the aunts arrive but receive a frosty welcome. Diana immediately questions them about whether or not they knew she was spellbound.

As I had mentioned in the post concerning the previous episode, there were several ‘stories’ or ‘tales’ that were written into the novel itself. This one in particular was the one that I was most intrigued to see how they materialized it on screen as it came across beautifully within the pages of the book. After seeing Diana fail to comprehend why her parents would have spellbound her, the house gives them the best possible response, by literally showing them the past, showing Diana exactly what happened and why. We witness Stephen and Rebecca bind their daughter, and tell her the fairy-tale that they made up and have been reciting to her for years. In a preemptive nudge, so that when the time came she would remember the tale and be able to put things together.

The Fairy-tale: The Magic Ribbons and the Shadow Prince.

Once upon a time, there was a young witch. A very brave young witch, who was covered in invisible ribbons. In all the colors of the rainbow. The ribbons that wrapped around the witch were special. The ribbons would protect the girl from witches who were jealous of her power. One day, when she was all grown up she met the shadow prince.

After some heated debates between Matthew and Sarah, who are both arguing about different areas of witchcraft that Diana needs to be focusing on. With the former pushing defensive spells and the latter proclaiming that those spells haven’t worked for witches in years and that basic spell-casting is what she should be doing. Diana agrees, to both. But gets frustrated when after time and time again of trying to do a simple lighting spell on a candle, she yields no results. (Readers of the book will already know why this is); but to those who are only beginning their journey into this series, the mystery remains.

As Diana’s frustration grows, she unknowingly enables another facet of her power, time-walking. By literally stepping through time without any comprehension of what she’s doing. Not only this but later in the episode, we see her master the ability to fly too.

After the arrival of Matthew’s son Marcus and Miriam, and some incredibly tense small talk sitting around the table, the house gifts the inhabitants with a gift. A large brown envelope, containing one of the missing pages from the infamous and ever-elusive ‘Ashmole 782’. The significance of this is not lost on any character, or indeed the viewers.

Ever the dramatic flair that this series does enjoy ending their episodes on, this cliff-hanger is no different, we witness Diana attempting to let her magic sense Matthew and bring her to him, but it turns out there’s another Vamp on the property, and one who’s intentions are less than honorable.