The fifth week of September? Yeah, we’re doing this again! I mean I could’ve done it as the 1st week of October but that’d feel weird given the way the schedule works we’d have only two days of ‘tober art.

Anyways, we’ve of course got some great picks lined up for you this week. Including a couple picks that’re simply intergalactic – and maybe even a mix of spooky!

So let’s get started, beginning with he #7 pick:

7. Deer Magic

Magic always finds its way onto this list in some way or another it feels like! Taru kicks off the list with this rather cool art of this deer character – I don’t think it’s their fursona, so it’s most likely a commission they did. Color-wise it works out great – white and blues always go well together, and the magenta (pink?) hair seems to complement everything well.

I also like the way they have leather wraps over part of their lower legs. I don’t think I’ve seen something like that before, but now I have, I’m surprised I don’t see it more often.

6. Viscous Raffle

Do pointed fangs, piercing eyes, and sharp claws work for spooky art? Well if not, there’s tattered clothing and a skull belt buckle to top it all off! This wolfess done by Lushminda looks absolutely terrifying! The heavy shades also ad to this fearsome look, and the tatters also play off this concept. Seriously take a look at the legs – those are some serious slices! And the way Lushminda rendered the snarl on this wolfess only adds to that menacing atmosphere.

5. Against A Feather

According to Egyptian mythology, Anubis would weigh the heart of a deceased person against a feather, and if the heart, which represented their life force, was heavier, they would get their soul devoured. We can kinda see that in this really great piece done by Momodebia – he’s got that magic feather, but no scale.

But what he does have is all awesome! I love the interpretation of Anubis that Momobeda came up with. Lots of nice, ornate gold strips and trims fitting of an ancient Egyptian god, with lots of splashy blue flame in the background to add to this mystical piece.

4. Dragon Tarot

I always love seeing tarot cards – though for the life of me I can’t figure out exactly what suit this one’s supposed to belong to, unless it’s a Major Arcana card, but even then I’m struggling to come up with something. What I’m not struggling to do, however, is come up with reasons why this is good.

For starters, I like the art style, as it looks really unique. But what really sells me are the designs of the trinkets that the dragon is making. Check ’em out: each one has its own unique golden wrapping and gem-setting, and the glow also gives them a bit of a mystical look.

Speaking of glowing, it’s time to check out the honorable mentions, and it seems like there’s plenty of glow to go around. Check it out:

See? Lots of glow! Okay every piece might not have had glowing in it, but there was a lot. Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Guys

Miles DF just can’t seem to stay off these lists, can he? And what a piece we’ve got this week, with quite the load of characters in this post! Definitely another piece for the “something going on in every side and corner” category. Each character is preoccupied with their own devices, and there’s lots of nice details to check out that I’m still noticing and I’ve checked this one out several times. We’ve got alcoholic drinks, fridge magnets, hookahs, pictures, hamburgers, and more! Definitely a lot to take in, and Miles DF’s quality makes it even better.

2. Galaxy’s Cutest

Silverfox once again knocks it out of the park with an influx of adorable done in a demonstrably cute fashion with these space critters. This one also calls back to Silverfox’s classic “painted characters put into a real photo”, something they’d do quite a bit. Plus the theme is a classic idea – what if our creations came out to greet us?

I love the design of these creatures too. They even have star-eyes! How cute is that! Each has their own colors that work really well, with some extra fur sparkles for that bit of magical space dust look. Personally I like the turquoise one – tumbling out of somewhere seems like something I would do.

Speaking of cosmic, we’ve still got our number one pick, which is:

1. Creation or Destruction

Silverfox hit us with a cute cosmic image, and Golden Druid knocks it out of the park with something that’s more on the cosmic horror side. I mean look at that fellow! They’re just sucking in all kinds of stars and cosmic dust! Then again, maybe this is the act of creation? Suck in a lot of stars and cosmic dust, and spit ’em out so they mix and match anew? Who knows!

It’s such an amazing piece though. Lots of cool glowing green to go around, and tons of stars and dust that adds to the mystical comic nature, with the sucked-in stars rendered in a way that doesn’t conflict with the still ones. And that creature! I love the way the fur is painted, and – wait, are they emerging from the cosmic dust like a giant god? That’s so cool!

Congratulations and well done Golden Druid! Your piece is the #1 pick for this week! I’m also going to say that’s a spooky piece, because what’s more spooky than a space-sucking giant creature?

This also brings September to a close – which means we’re into October and some real spooky times. Halloween gatherings may not be happening in person, but in the world of furry, anything can happen, so let’s see some creative Fall and Halloween pieces!