Nine years have passed since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA 5. 2022 brings a little hope after nine long years to the GTA fans. As noted, this gap has been the longest in the history of the Grand Theft Auto gaming franchise ever witnessed since the launch of the notable titles. But, believing the hints and leaks, there has been a slight delay in the GTA 6 release. Hopefully, the wait is worth it. 

The entry to the game is expected to feature a broad yet familiar map with a unique protagonist paying homage to the famous GTA classic. So here’s the time to stop wondering and start unfolding everything one needs to know about the mega title of GTA 6. 

GTA Release Date 

The developer of the gaming franchise, Rockstar Games, confirmed in February 2022 that the coming entry in the sequel of GTA is on its verge. This was updated in a newspaper post; the post announced community updates considering GTA to end with a subtle note to the game’s future. 

In June 2022, the developer officially shared a different statement, saying they would invest all their resources in the development of Grand Theft Auto 6. It reflects the seriousness developers are showing towards the GTA franchise. The official announcement also states that other projects are on hold until later notice. 

The famous GTA leaker, Chris Klippel, provided additional information to let fans know the launch date among fans and others. According to him, the game sequel won’t be launching until the ending months of 2024. He has made reliable GTA leaks in the past so we should be able to trust his prediction. Keeping his leaks in mind, GTA is expected to be launched in 2024 or early 2025 if there are delays. 

There has been a delay in the game due to elements impacting its speedy progress along with the release. The primary factor responsible for this delay is the pandemic, which stopped the entire world in many ways. The conflicts created internally at Rockstar Games changed their company policies. GTA franchise fans have been waiting with dedication for years for the next installment in the popular franchise. Fans have a wish list for new features as long as this list of slot sites in the UK and we are all hoping for some exciting new stuff in the new game to sink our teeth into.

Platforms Supporting GTA 6

The gaming sector has changed drastically in the gap created between GTA 5 and GTA 6. Rockstar Games is known for its pioneering gaming standards; it is anticipated that games launched by the developer will rise substantially. The GTA 6 will initially launch on XBOX Series X/S and PS5. Notably, the game may not feature on the older gen consoles.

The developers will later upgrade and transfer the game to PC users per the gaming standards. Comparing it to GTA 5, it was released on gaming consoles in 2013 and later on PC in 2015. 

Characters in GTA 6 (Leaked)

According to a report by Bloomberg, Rockstar Games is on the move to clean its image, and its efforts are not restricted to the real world. Many employees at the Rockstar Games raised the gender gap by the pay scale of operators. The situation with GTA is also not ideal. Inclusive of the GTA Expansion packs, the franchise has sixteen overall games. 

Two of these titles, including the first lot of GTA games, consist of playable female characters. Men dominated the other iteration of gaming mechanics. GTA 6 is planning to demonstrate a female character along with a related male lead. This will be a complete duo to play with. The report further claims that the female character will be Latina, but this of course just speculation at this stage. 

Leaks and Rumors About the Storyline

The storyline of GTA 6 is somewhat related to the duo. The report says the duo’s story is influenced by the real-life crime couple – Bonnie and Clyde, from the early 1900s. But the game will be set in modern times, as revealed by one of the game leakers, Tom Henderson. 

According to a prediction, Grand Theft Auto was earlier codenamed Project Americas, which can easily take place over both American continents. However, this design has already been scrapped by the developers. In March, a business insider, Michael Patcher, stated that GTA 6 would cover several cities in more than 500 hours. 

If the game used a chapter-based story similar to RDR2, it might gradually acquire new missions, characters, and locations as the chapters unfold. This also suits the venue-based DLCs as it can bring new chapters and, alternatively, new characters and new tasks into the game. 

GTA Gameplay and Graphics

Every game is inspired by the engine and its capacity to take control of the game completely. A game engine can be considered the base platform depending on the game’s functions, world loads, and interactions with a player. 

Associating with this, Chris Klippel gave the world a claim about GTA 6 using the trending New Rage Engine. This engine is more active than its counterpart powering RDR2 and GTA 5. If this claim goes valid, we can anticipate compelling graphics along with elaborate missions. GTA 6 can bring more potential platforms and an active game engine that recently dominated the entire franchise. 

Bottom Line 

The recent Grand Theft Auto online multiplayer game’s colossal success indicates that the game will take place. However, one need not only rely on speculations. Rockstar Games have made their listings and states about online gameplays in their descriptions. These details indicate the potential of the online multiplayer game and its content adequately. The new content for Grand Theft Auto 6 is very different and highly competitive. According to the leaks, the predictions and reports have claimed to be necessary.