Games Done Quick (GDQ is the most famous event in all of gaming, so if you play video games and have not heard of GDQ, you are missing out! Games Done Quick is a video game speed running event doubling as a charity event that raises millions of dollars a year for charity. This Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) is supporting MSF Doctors Without Borders and has raised well over a million dollars in less than a week.

What makes GDQ so cool?

As mentioned above, GDQ is primarily a video game speed running event that also raises money for good causes. It runs for one week, and streams speed runs 24/7 during that week. The Games that are showcased are from every genre of game and every era of gaming. From arcade games like Dangun Feveron released in 1980s to crowd favorites like Pokémon Colosseum from 2003 and Titanfall 2 from 2016 to new releases like Metroid Prime Remaster in February of 2023, GDQ showcases dozens of games, each with a talented speed runner to play it.

Seeing all these games, some of which everyone knows and others that are more niche, is a great part of this event. However, the coolest part is seeing the runners from the gaming community complete these games, which would take normal players dozens of hours if not days to complete, in a few hours or minutes. It is truly a sight to behold and knowing that each runner is raising money for charity makes it that much better.

Why do people donate and how does it work?

There is a lot more that goes into GDQ than meets the eye. On top of the speed runners donating their time and effort to charity, hundreds of artists from around the world send in their work as raffle prizes for people who donate. Donations from as low as $5 and up to $250 have a chance to win prizes that range from handmade tapestries to life-sized stuffed animals of the fan favorite game characters and so much more.

Prizes are not the only thing donators can get though – donation can also change how GDQ runs. Each donation can be put toward an incentive, some are small like deciding on the name of a character in the game being speed run, and some are huge like unlocking a whole new game to added to list of games that are run. Games like Super Mario Odyssey, Halo 3, and Titanfall 2 were run at this SGDQ because tens of thousands of gamers came together to donate $100,000 for each of these games to be run.

Why does GDQ matter to so many people?

Over the course of a week, millions of people from across the globe will tune into watch GDQ as they can watch their favorite games being speed run by some of the most talented video games players ever. Some people will even take the week off work to be able to watch as much of GDQ as possible. For many, it is important to donate to a great cause during a fun event, and for others, watching the gaming community come together in such a spectacular and meaningful way is the why GDQ matters to them. Finally, for people like the runners and artists who donate the time and work to GDQ, it is a great way to market themselves because their name and work will be shown off to millions of like-minded people who many want to watch them or buy their artwork in the future.

No matter the reason anyone watches, it is agreed upon by much of the gaming community that GDQ is a great event working to raise money for an even greater cause in way that is unique to gaming; anyone who watches and engages with GDQ in anyway is helping to make it even better.

While this SGDQ event ended on June 3rd, 2023, you can watch the YouTube videos of all the games you may have missed and be sure to tune in for Winter GDQ in December 2023.