It is truly a testament to The Simpsons longevity and malleability that every once in a while you encounter a cross over that fits so well. Such is the case with an Instagram account that caught my eye recently called: Fine Art Simpsons. As is evident from the name the account consists of various works of art but strategically edited so that a Simpsons character or two fits right in.

The Simpsons are of course no stranger to being used in various art forms. Earlier this year Turkish artist Hossein Diba, who specializes in modelling, sculpting and texturing, imagined what The Simpsons would like as real people. The result was both cool and terrifying. On the flip side, American artist Matt Gondek, who specializes in what he calls ‘deconstructed pop art’ re-imagines pop culture characters like The Simpsons in funky distorted ways.

While a lot of thought probably went into Fine Art Simpsons what really stands out is how seamless the combinations are. It’s almost like each cropped image and piece of art were made for each other. As a lifelong fan of the show even I would be hard pressed to find the perfect fit but after seeing the final product each one just makes sense.

You can check out the page here but I’ve highlighted some of my favorites below. Let us know in the comments which ones you like.