Darkspeed Cosplay is the newest recruit to our cosplay team this year. Come learn some more about this speedy cosplayer!

What Got You Into Cosplay?

Around my Junior and Senior year of high school, my brother got into comics and cosplaying. Every chance he got he would tell me about the various Robins and show me his cosplays. He suggested I should start cosplaying and so I took his advice.

What Is Your Favorite Cosplay You’ve Done So Far? 

Favorite? There are no favorites. Though my top cosplays are Superman, Batman, Wolverine, and Red Hood.

What Are The Main Factors in Choosing a Cosplay for You?

It has to be a character I enjoy reading in a comic or watching in a movie. I’ve had many people suggest I do Spider-Man, but he doesn’t resonate with me. The cosplay has to be a character I can see myself as.

Current Favorite Cosplay Breakdown: Costume & Accessories

My latest Superman suit is probably my favorite currently. The whole cosplay was made by Gaslight Costuming and Replicas using Parallel Life Studios fabrics.

What Is Your Occupation Outside Of Cosplay? 

I am an HVAC Technician by trade

Why Do YOU (personally) Continue To Cosplay? 

I enjoy being a part of the community. Everyone here is very accepting and supportive. Besides, I’d feel a little out of place if I went to a con and wasn’t wearing a cosplay.

What Is Your Favorite Convention To Cosplay At? 

I have only been to one so far so by default it is Lehigh Valley Comic Con.

How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Cosplay Per Week/Month?

On average I’d say 10 – 15 hours a week. It goes in bursts. Some weeks my girlfriend and I work on cosplays all the time, and others we do absolutely nothing with it.

Best Cosplay Experience You’ve Had.

During one Con my girlfriend and I went to, she met Michele Knotz, who is the voice actress for Jesse from Pokemon. For those who don’t know, my girlfriend is a HUGE Pokemon fan. It was priceless to see her talk to Michele about Pokemon and to see her do various voices from the show. I’d share a picture, but my girlfriend would kill me.

Best Advice You Have For New Cosplayers. 

I only have two words. Have fun! As long as you have fun with cosplay, you can’t go wrong. Always do what you love.