The year definitely took a weird turn and everything got shut down for a bit, which makes any major accomplishment that much more incredible. For Drag Race stars Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, 2020 was filled with many exciting adventures. This year the pair released their book, Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood, released Red Scare through Trixie’s cosmetics company, began a new YouTube series with Netflix, and are closing out the year as award show hosts. Here is a rundown of their year.

Barbara, Trixie’s third albu,

January 11th, was the third episode of their Netflix review series, Like To Watch. The show, which premiered in November 2019 returned in January this year. With Covid, the two queens have been doing it virtually. 

February 7th, Trixie released Barbara, her third album. This was her first record released under a record label. 

March 20th, Trixie hosted Full Coverage Fridays on her YouTube channel. This was a series in which she performed cover songs.

March 30th, the pair hosted a virtual UNHhh spin off, Trixie and Katya Save The World. The pair answered viewers questions via video call. The show became a form of their YouTube series UNHhhh but from isolation.

NYT Best Seller, A Guide to Modern Womanhood

July 14th saw the release of their book Guide to Modern Womanhood, which they wrote together. The book is a parody of a self help book from times past on how to be the perfect woman. Throughout the satire are scattered bits of actual advice. The satire is just a conduit  to give the reader advice. Also within the book are many fabulous photographs as well. The book made the best seller list on July 22nd.

August 5th saw the return of their YouTube series UNHhhh on the WOW Presents website to subscribers. Edited versions of the episodes can be found on their YouTube channel. The series is definitely hilarious and binged all of the episodes in a couple weeks. It is definite rated R-MA, though, so proceed with caution. 

Sept 17th, Trixie released a cover of Lana Del Rey’s song “Video Games.” Some reviews of the cover were critical, however I really enjoyed it. Despite never having heard the original song by Del Ray, though I believe Trixie’s cover stands on its own two feet.

October 2nd, Red Scare was released. The lipstick was paired with a lipgloss and glitter. The collab was much anticipated and sold out within nine minutes. There will be a restock in early 2021 for anyone who missed out on the initial launch. 

Trixie and Katya and the Red Scare bundle

October 13th the pair released their very own podcast, The Bald and the Beautiful. They have guests on each week, including Trixie’s boyfriend, to chat about life and love. You can listen on Apple podcasts and Spotify,

November 13th Katya released Vampire Fitness, which she had been writing songs for for a few years. The EP’s tracks are mostly parody, they are super fun! The vibe totally fits with her sense of humor and personality. You can buy the album and vinyl on her website. 

November 20th Katya released a music video for her track from her EP, Ding Dong. This is an homage to the Ukranian singer Svetlana Laboda, one of Katya’s favorite artists. The music video for Ding Dong is not the only one the performer is working on, she has revealed she is also working on filming ones for her tracks, Come in Brazil, and Be Your Own Dentist.

December 12th at 6pm PST/9pm EST Trixie and Katya will host the Streamys. The pair hopped on a tour bus and surprised the winners at their homes this past week. For us viewers can see who won in a few days when the show streams.

UPDATE!!The hosts and 4x nominees won Best Unscripted Show in this year’s awards show! The win was much deserved. The UNHhh team makes their show with a green screen, a director, and two editors. CONDRAGULATIONS to the queens and their UNHhhh team. Fena Barbitall, Ron, Jeff and Pete!

New Years Queens celebration live on Dec 31st!

December 31st, the two will be two of the many hosts for a new years celebration through Sessions, New Years Queens. There are tickets available on the Sessions website. The attendees to the event can also buy extras, such as, meet and greets with the queens. 

On top of all these events, the queens also did press promotion, Trixie streamed her video gaming on Twitch, and Katya hosted workout sessions on her Instagram. If this is how their 2020 went, 2021 is set to be even better. Can’t wait to see what they bring us. 

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