For some people, the holidays have been going since Halloween. For most, though, the holiday season is just getting into full swing. We recorded this episode the weekend after Thanksgiving and the holiday sales were beginning to drop. I sat down with Robert Cross from The Game of Nerds and Justin McAleece, who is the head producer for Blare Media. In this episode, we talk about everything holidays from movies to television. We start off with what we are looking forward to the most this year and some of our favorite holiday films. Robert tries to change our mind on Nightmare Before Christmas, and Justin gets us all to agree the original animated Dr. Suess’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas reigns supreme. We also attempt to decide where Home Alone and Elf now stand regarding whether they are Old Classics or Newer Holiday Favorites. Did you know that Home Alone is 30 years old now? The discussion continues into our favorite holiday television episodes. South Park, The Office, Friends, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Bob’s Burgers are all given their due props for having some of the greatest holiday episodes of all time. It brings up a great point that some of these Christmas based movies and television can show us how the holidays are celebrated in other parts of the worlds. We can’t leave out SNL in this holiday discussion and how it pushed the limits over the years. This happens to be the song we are all trying to sing and figure out:

We eventually jump to discussing the lack of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa related holiday content out there compared to holiday content. It’s true that it really comes down to marketability. Did you know that the reason It’s A Wonderful Life is such a popular classic an administrative error? Yep, the copyright wore out, and someone forgot to renew it. Thus, it could be played on the television for free as often as the networks wanted. We finally wrap up the episode with what makes a classic holiday movie and our wishes for this holiday season. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting platform. That way, you don’t miss out on any new episodes. If you are looking to help The Game of Nerds grow, we would appreciate it if you rated and left a review!

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