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In the fourth and final book in the original series, Elena is dead. They had a second funeral for her and laid her body to rest. It’s been six months and Caroline wants to have a party for Meredith’s birthday. A surprise party which Bonnie knows it will piss Meredith off.

Bonnie starts having dreams of Elena. They start off nice enough but end up horrifying. Bonnie figures out that Elena is trying to tell her something without saying it outright. Elena is dead yes but her spirit is not at rest. She is trying to protect the town from Klaus.

Klaus is an Original vampire. He is controlling even as she is trying to get her message to Bonnie. A spell. Elena wants Bonnie to bring Stefan back to Fell’s Church. Klaus is drawn to Fell’s Church and it’s people for some reason. At Meredith’s party the girls use a Ouija board to contact Elena and at first they do but then Klaus takes over.

Bonnie does the summoning spell. She believes she only called Stefan but Damon shows up too. Stefan looks like Hell. He is longing for Elena and misses her terribly. Damon looks the same as he always does but you can tell beneath the tough guy act he too, misses Elena. They agree to help and set out to find a way to defeat Klaus. Unfortunately it isn’t only Klaus they must worry about. Tyler Smallwood is a werewolf who has activated his curse by killing Sue, one of Elena’s true friends.

Vicki, who was attacked in the first book, The Awakening, still continues to be attacked and Bonnie, Meredith, Matt, Stefan and even Damon watch over her to try to keep her safe. Unfortunately despite their best efforts she is ultimately killed by Klaus and not even Damon could stop it.

They must find one of Klaus’s surviving victims. Stefan is preparing to go back to Europe until Bonnie figures out it is Meredith’s grandfather that they need. They find out that a stake made of ash can hurt but not kill Klaus. On the eve of the Summer Solstice they, Meredith, Matt, Bonnie and Stefan march on to face off with Klaus. Klaus has Tyler Smallwood with him. Eventually Meredith is down and somehow Caroline is there. They, Matt, Bonnie and Meredith, have over powered Tyler. Caroline stays with Meredith and Matt. Meredith is wounded and Matt is unconscious.

As Stefan is being over powered by Klaus Damon shows up and swoops in not letting Klaus kill Stefan. Then Damon is down. The only thing Bonnie could do was call for Elena and Elena answered. At first you couldn’t tell it was Elena because the spirits answered first. It is the night of the Solstice and the veil between the living and the dead are very thin. The dead carry Klaus away. Elena is made corporeal and imbued with Power. She heals everyone and says her final goodbye. Stefan cried into the night Elena’s name. A bright flash happened and Elena was there, corporeal and human.

I love this series. I have since I was a young teenager. I hope you have enjoyed my review of the book. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…