Jeremy Treece Deviant Art    With the release of Serpentine, the latest installment of the Anita Blake series to be released August 7th 2018, I wanted to be sure we are up to date on the whole series. If you haven’t read the prior books in the series and hate spoilers, turn back now. I wouldn’t want to ruin the fun for you.

So in the beginning Anita was already a boss. She was a powerful animator (later to find out she is a necromancer that legends speak about) and working for the top firm in the U.S. if not the world, vampire executioner, working with the police as a consultant, proficient in fighting and can handle a fire arm very well. Anita had suffered some traumas in her childhood but came out stronger for them but has some issues. Truth be told, who doesn’t? She’s working on it though.

Anyway, she has met and dealt with Jean-Claude before but is put into a position in which she must “work” closely with him and his comrades. In this Anita is put to the test because Nikolaos is a terrifying vampire that looks like a sweet innocent little girl. In the end, Anita destroys her. However, in the process, she becomes his human servant. Little does she know the man she meets at the Circus of the Damned, Richard Zeeman, is his animal to call but she falls for him. Down the road this creates problems for Richard, Anita and Jean-Claude when Richard and Anita become engaged.  Never fear Jean-Claude, Richard screws up that relationship soon enough.

When Anita, Richard and Jean-Claude become a triumvirate each of them gained more power and abilities than they imagined. With each mark the power level upped. Each of them inherited something from another member. Richard inherited Anita’s anger, Jean-Claude got her ruthlessness and Anita got Jean-Claude’s ardure and Richard’s hunger. Many vampires believe that the line between Master and servant is blurred between Jean-Claude and Anita. Eventually Anita becomes part of a second triumvirate between her, Nathaniel and Damian. This is unheard of. Ever. The ardure, which is a thorn in Anita’s side, becomes gentler with her than it had started out with Belle Morte, the creator of the vampire line Jean-Claude was “born” into.

Edward is introduced as the ultimate assassin who wouldn’t mind seeing who would win between him and Anita. Where Anita is dubbed The Executioner by the preternatural community, Edward is nicknamed Death. Slowly a bond and then a friendship between Edward and Anita grew. At one time Edward gave up a contract on Anita’s life in favor of helping to save her life. Today they often work together as Federal Marshals.

Enemy after enemy comes after Anita, each one bigger and badder than the next. One such enemy is Chimera. Chimera is the first panware Anita ever meets and is completely psychic, with multiple personalities to boot. The silver lining in meeting him is that he brought Micah to her. Anita and Micah immediately become lovers and meld their two pards (wereleopard packs) together. A powerful, power hungry vaudun priestess was gunning for her. Even the night itself, the Mother Of All Darkness was after Anita’s mind, body and soul but fell unsuccessful and dead.

Most recently in Anita’s personal life, she has become engaged again, this time to Jean-Claude. Publicly only Anita and Jean-Claude are marrying. Privately there will be a civil ceremony between Anita, Micah, Nathaniel and I believe Jean-Claude. Their inner circle is in an uproar wanting to be included. It isn’t going to happen that everyone is included. Hell even Richard isn’t being included and he is a third on the first triumvirate.

Just because Anita has found love, it doesn’t mean she has gone soft. She may have in fact become more ruthless in some areas. She continues to train in all areas of her life. She has a group of true friends, men who love her, job security and happiness. Her life works as it is. Let’s see what comes at her and hers next.

What have you thought of this series? Are you excited for the next book? Let me know in the comments below! Remember, August 7th, 2018 is the debut of Serpentine! Don’t miss it! Till next week…

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