Author: Kelly Carerro

Pages: 129

Have you ever wondered what you could be capable of if we were able to use 100% of our brains? Like what type of abilities would we have and what things could we be capable of or a type of superhuman race. There have been a few movies made regarding that same issue.  Evolution by Kelly Carrero tells that same story, albeit in a much more entertaining way.

Jade is your typical high school girl. Nothing special about her. She goes to school is pretty popular, has great friends, an awesome boyfriend, and a couple enemies. Until one day she finds herself standing in a hospital room watching her wounds heal before her eyes. She was in a car accident. An accident that should have taken her life by the looks of her vehicle. And yet here she is living, breathing and healing at a rapid rate. Fearing that she is going insane she hides the spot where the cut should be and is discharged from the hospital. She manages to hide it from her mom and the nurses and they set off for home. Because how in the world could she explain something like this to anyone.

The next morning she decides to go to school and continues hiding her nonexistent cut. In her chemistry class, she meets up with her sex-crazed best friend Chelsea and is interrogated about the accident. Jade tries to downplay it but she is busted when another classmate reveals the extent of the damage to the car. Jade ensure Chelsea that she is fine. However, during their chemistry experiment, Chelsea suddenly grabs her to whisper something to her and the feeling of pure terror shoots through her body along with crippling pain. This causes Jade to pass out and when she comes too she is being doused by the fire extinguisher. It seems her shirt has caught on fire. Jade bolts to the door and is caught by her boyfriend, Aiden in the hall. He realizes what has happened and sees everyone from class getting ready to follow her and he whisks her away. Jade realizes that she can’t let them see her because although her shirt is burnt, she is not, and that is no easy explanation for it.

Aiden then placates the class and takes Jade away to his house with a promise of an explanation. He tells her she will understand soon and ensures her that she is not going crazy. Jade then gets the shocks of her life. And I say shocks because it’s more than one. One she learns that Aidan’s sister is not actually his sisters but his mother. Second, she learns that she is an evolved human and has the capability to use 100% of her brain. Which means she can heal herself, never get sick, and to her horror, they can read thoughts. She then learns that not only is she like this but so is Aiden and his parents and there is a whole community of people who are just like her. But then things begin to get really strange. Bad things begin to happen and Jade has no idea why or who is trying to possible hurt her or her mom.

Things take a turn for the worse when Jade has a premonition that something bad is going to happen. And even though she knows she is powerless to stop it and Chelsea is indeed kidnapped.  Jade has to try and find her before she is hurt or worse. But she doesn’t know where to look for her until she has dreams of where Chelsea is. Jade is doing all she can and working with the police to try and find her friend and enlists the help of Aiden’s parents but they can’t get a handle on who might do this to Chelsea.

However, Jades winds up getting to Chelsea to save her, but after doing that she has to deal with an even bigger problem and it is one she is sure she may not survive. The murder of her mother. She cannot even imagine who has done it but most of all what does that mean for her? Is Aiden in trouble? Her friends and his family? Who is the target and most of all why? Stay tuned for book two entitled Tormented on The Game of Nerds!