The launch of Sony’s much anticipated PlayStation 5 (PS5) has many gamers overly excited, which is proof of the love many have for the experience it brings. This home console set is an indication of what to expect in next-generation video games. Since the launch of PS5 on November 12 this year, Astro’s Playroom scored 52.6% on the popularity scale. So, with the fifth evolution of the PlayStation, what sports and entertainment video games should you look out for? Well, here is a list of the best ones you should try.

  1. FIFA 2020
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Since its inception, the FIFA video games are perhaps the most popular of all sports video games on PlayStation platforms. It was published by Electronic Arts (EA) as one of the FIFA series released this year. The FIFA game is the 27th instalment released for platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and Microsoft Windows. For many, soccer (or football) has become the backbone of console gaming. The FIFA 2021 video game uses real-life club teams and players to keep you glued and entertained for hours. So, if you are a huge PSG fan, you can be in charge of your team and its success in this virtual world. The intense competition with the PES makes it even more exciting and loved by gamers. It is a friendly ‘war’ that probably will continue to play out in the coming years.

FIFA 2021 was released on October 9 this year. However, the previous edition- FIFA 2020, released in September last year, remains the best series for the year. It would give you the much-needed soccer virtual world you need. 

2. MLB The Show

The Major League Baseball (MLB) was produced and distributed by SIE San Diego Studios in the USA. It was first released on February 28, 2006, with the latest game entering the market on March 17 this year. The game is not only compatible with the PS5; it is also compatible with PlayStations 2, 3, 4, Vita, and Portable. The MLB has received significant acclaim over the years, and since 2014, has been the only simulated video game baseball can boast of. Players love it because each year, new features are added. It is on the list of best sports games of the decade (as it should be!) due to its 74% popularity score.

3. NBA 2K

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The NBA series is a simulated basketball video game that has been around since 1999. Newer versions of this game are released annually, with the latest being in October 2020. This would then explain the “K” in its name- meaning a thousand; so, 2K would mean two thousand. Get it? This game, unlike others, incorporates unique graphics and moves that keep players spellbound to their consoles. As we move into 2021, NBA 2K fans are hopeful that the game would include even more creativity and significant innovation to make it even better. For example, some players hope NBA 2K will consist of virtual reality (VR) and other enhancements that create a realistic feel when using the DualSense controller. This sports video game also uses recreations of real-life basketball heroes to connect better with gamers.

4. Madden NFL

Madden is an American football video game developed for EA Sports. The game was named after the American football star John Madden, who was an excellent commentator and a coach with a Pro Football hall of fame title. The game has been able to sell over 130 million copies worldwide since it was released. Although there have been a few problems associated with the game, it remains the top virtual football game for players looking for an NFL thrill. The fact that it still is an added feature on PlayStation 5 is proof of its authority in the American football gaming world.

5. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) Game

PES 2020 has offered intense competition to FIFA virtual games on PS5. As of March 2020, PES has sold over 108 million copies worldwide. This game mimics real-life football during play and offers the player the opportunity to draw goalless during multi-play. Perhaps, this is where it holds some authority over FIFA 2020. Although both games have strong critics, players depending on individual preferences will choose this over the other. Your best bet is to try both to see which offers more realistic experiences for you.

6. The Golf Club 19

Developed by HB Studios, Golf Club 19 is the 3rd of the PGA series. It was published for Microsoft Windows by 2K Sports, but this sports game is also compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game uses real-life scenery where a player can see falling leaves, shadows, and swing power. It also incorporated the use of excellent 3D audio technology to make it even more lifelike. Gamers who love to see impressive graphics will be thrilled to experience the Golf Club 19.

7. Astro’s Playroom

Sony Interactive Entertainment developed Astro’s Playroom by the Japan Studio division known as Asobi. This game is a follow-up to Astro Bot Rescue Mission and is available on every console. Also, because it is pre-installed, it serves as a readily available free demo for the DualSense controller. Players may need a system software update to have access to this game. Astro’s Playroom approximately takes about three hours to complete, although this may take longer if the player’s objective is to unlock the Platinum trophy. Most users love the controls provided by DualSense as it enables them to hover, leap, charge at an opponent, and even land a punch. This game’s realistic feel is probably what makes it one of the best sports video games for PS5.

8. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Image by djedj from Pixabay

A sequel to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, this Spider-Man game puts players in the shoes of Miles Morales, a web-slinging novice, always sporting Adidas sneakers. The story builds around Miles acting as the protector of New York when Peter Parker is away on holiday. As expected, Miles’ first week as caretaker of the city doesn’t go as well as he would have loved. It is riddled with challenges and unfathomable experiences only a rookie will find overwhelming.

Miles’ Spider-Man is one of the best gaming experiences with its natural lighting and reflection effects. It also comes with an excellent 60fps performance that makes players spend hours playing to make Miles a New York superhero. This game is a cinematic blockbuster that could rival any Hollywood action and adventure movie. It is understandable why players love both the first Spider-Man and Miles’ version. Subtly, the game addresses the zero to hero theme. Perhaps, of great essence, is the game’s lightning-fast loading speed.

9. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

If you know Assassin’s Creed, you know that the story is built around the historic Viking theme. This Nordic folklore is given a new status with a game recreation that has its hero (Eivor) thoroughly skilled in the art of overcoming evil with an axe. The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla uses 60fps on PlayStation 5 and improves the previous PS4 version.

It is the only sports video game that has comic drinking competition scenes. Designed with an open-world theme, the game gives you a feel of an expansive world riddled with plots and messy combats. Although this game incorporates some dark themes, it makes a list as one of the best sports video games for PS5.

10. Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War

Image by amrothman from Pixabay

Call of Duty’s Black Ops Cold War is a great hit created by Treyarch and Raven Software. Published by Activision, the game is around the modern first-person shooter games and is the 17th instalment in the Call of Duty game franchise. However, what makes this game worth buying for the new PS? Well, the PS5 version makes full use of the DualSense controller, making a player experience a recoiling fire weapon’s realistic feel.

Black Ops Cold War makes use of zombies, and for lovers of the paranormal, this is an excellent addition to a sports video game. Even as a first timer, a new player can play 120fps on the console with online competition. This game has incredible visuals, allows for multiplayer platforms, and is thrilling. You can spend hours playing without realizing how much time you’ve been at it. It is also compatible with the Xbox Series X, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The best PS5 games are packed with action, realistic themes, and 3D audio technology you certainly cannot ignore. Thankfully, the quality of all these games is high and worth your money. You may have realized that some of these games are new, but most have history, with some spanning over two decades. What makes them even more beneficial is that most of these sports and entertainment games can be played on other platforms preceding the PlayStation 5. This means compatibility and continuity are priorities for the gaming industry. Innovation is essential, and that may be why next-generation game consoles are already catching on with gamers and developers. You should definitely try out these ten games on your PS5 for an incredible gaming experience!