Source: JESHOOTScom Pixabay CO0 This decade has really upped the ante for sports games.

This decade has brought with it a whole host of brilliant gaming. Many of our favorites can be found in sports gaming, a sector where old favorites are being reinvented and strategic gameplay is taking a well deserved front seat. It’s a massive understatement to say we’re excited for what new games 2020 will bring. First though, here’s the rundown of the best of the decade.

Football Manager 14

There have been so many brilliant football videogames this decade that it has been an epic task choosing which one would win overall, but Football Manager 14 brought that extra edge. Whilst the Football Manager series has been a mainstay in football video games, in recent editions it had become almost too stat-focused, making it difficult for new players to dive in with any great success. Even for experienced players it was occasionally confusing trying to work out what exactly had caused your most recent success or failure. Things have changed in Football Manager 14, with stats taking more of a back seat. Classic Mode has been reintroduced and it helps speed things along a little. Also, the inclusion of multiple player roles gives the game a sense of realism that was slightly lacking before. Although there are no brand new bells and whistles, the small but numerous changes that have been made make the game much more playable than before.

The Golf Club 19

Some people say that golf is an old man’s game, but The Golf Club 19 blows that idea right out of the water. The first two editions of this game were great fun and thoroughly enjoyed amongst golf enthusiasts, but the new one is on another level. The makers, HB Studios, have since got themselves the license for the full PGA tour which adds a whole new element of realism and excitement to the game. In terms of user experience, the controls are incredibly intuitive, sensitive and smooth. Often in golfing games, you can be left with a stuttery swing when the controls are too sensitive, or an oversimplified and heavy-handed swing if not. HB Studios have got the balance just right here. If you’re the kind of gamer who takes great pleasure in beautiful graphics then this game could be a new favorite; the courses are replicated with incredible attention to detail, including steady changes in sunlight and falling leaves. The sound effects are also impressive, with realistic plunks of the ball and chirping birds in the afternoon. For the graphics and soundtrack alone, this game is definitely worth checking out.

Ridiculous Fishing


Photo Source: This decade has brought about huge leaps in mobile gaming technology, making games like Pokemon Go and (we think even better) Ridiculous Fishing available any time you like.

When it comes to video gaming, many of us immediately think of console games, but with mobile technology making huge leaps, there are definitely more than a handful of mobile games that deserve to be shouted about. Ridiculous Fishing has got to be a contender for the funniest of the decade. Instead of just reeling in your fish (which let’s face it, can get rather dull with the limited capabilities of a touchscreen) Ridiculous Fishing makes you swing your fish up into the air before shooting them. It’s crude but hilarious. When you’re in a sea of competitors you have to make yourself stand out somehow and sure enough, shooting fish is probably sufficient. On top of this though, the team behind Ridiculous Fishing also ensured there was a catchy-as-hell soundtrack and a plethora of unlockable content, some super cool, some super handy and some just downright ridiculous.

Out of the Park Baseball

If you’re something of a statistician and strategist when it comes to your sports games then, get yourself a copy of Out of the Park Baseball. This game is certainly for the ‘thinking gamer’ and it’s all the better for it. Prepare yourself for a back catalog of stats that would get any nerd’s heart racing. If you want to know every manager for a specific team since the beginning of the 19th century then this is the game for you. This is exactly the kind of game that you can be glued to for hours, but with so little being left to chance (and thus so much being left to statistics) the results of your decisions will play out fairly. Building a strong team that compensates for one another’s weaknesses while allowing for each other’s strengths to shine through is the name of the game here, so strategists, it’s gloves off time.