We’re already into the second week of November – that means it’s almost turkey day, and surprisingly I’ve not seen a lot of turkey characters going around. Well, we’ve still got some weeks left in November!

There’s quite a lineup for you this week, a lot of different colors, moods, and more! So let’s get started with the first piece of this week:

7. West Maple

Starting off this week’s list is a piece that seems a bit somber. I think it’s largely the expression on the raccoon’s face, as well as the heavy use of dark colors, namely purple. There’s really no context given by artist Jacato to go off of so…it’s imagination time I suppose. Another thing that lends to the mood? The kid raccoon looks like he’s all alone – there isn’t another soul in this picture. It’s a hauntingly beautiful piece that conjures the sad feelings of being alone and on your own.


Up next we’ve got a bit of a mood whiplash I think – we’ve gone from somber to cyber – Cyberpunk 2077 to be exact! Well, that and the last piece was color dark, this one is just bright! But there’s so much packed into it as well, namely with the electric billboards in the piece’s background. Lockhart’s character looks pretty great as well, with an outfit (and facial details) that fit right in with the Cyberpunk theme. I really dig the shading on the character too – as if he’s in the shaow of something big and grand. Also sets up a nice contrast.

While searching for artist Niftjie’s page I stumbled across this alternate version that uses a pretty killer filter. Check it out!

5. Trouble Maker

Big Round Lion hasn’t been seen on here for a while I think? What a way to make a return to the lists though with this sabertooth that’s sporting a rather intriguing blend of colors. Big Round Lion executes perfectly on those colors too, bringing them out in a bright and vivid fashion that plays well with the equally-as-neon colorful background. And a touch of mute goes a long way – the colors are just as extravagant but darkened just enough so it doesn’t clash with the sabertooth in the front.

It’s hard to say – there’s just something about this mix of colors that I love, and the way Big Round Lion brings ’em out makes this a great pic!

4. Volatile

Volatile or not, I don’t think I’d want to be in a situation under these two! Desu Box comes back again with another one of their great, dark, heavy shaded pieces. This time we’ve got a couple with some…interestingly glowy eyes…standing over the viewer, one stretching out rope and the other with what looks like a scythe. Desu’s usual dark colors shine through on this piece, and check out the pattern on the woman’s dress – a mesmerizing pattern! But don’t get too caught up in it, or you’ll miss some of the more sinister details like the gentleman’s right eye that looks absolutely demonic.

Don’t get too roped up yet though, we’ve still got to go over the honorable mentions, starting with:

Some pretty good runner ups with a variety of moods! Now let’s get into the top three, beginning with:

3. Old Story

Kicking off the top three is this ancient (haha) piece that’s wonderfully done by Anisis. We’ve got some more “realistic-styled” characters on this one, all gathered around a table to hear stories of old. But what you want to really do with this pic is zoom in and get a closer look at all the awesome detail and skill Anisis packed into this piece. There’s patterns on everyone’s clothing that are really ornate and royal, the table setup is rendered really well, and the floor even has moss and cracks on it. It honestly looks like a scene that’s taken straight from the pages of a fantasy novel. Some top-notch work here!

2. To Build Anew

Avelino put up an advert for a follower special this week on Twitter featuring multiple example pieces, and out of the three this one was my favorite. It also seems to play into the “old world” theme of the last pic – I swear I don’t plan these. But what I like about it is this piece seems to spark the imagination. You’ve got what looks like literal worldbuilding going on, and the magical effect that Avelino uses as the tiger works his magic looks amazing. The tiger is another important piece here, being drawn huge and imposing, a stark contrast to the smaller canine. I think the other thing is I have literally no context for this piece – so it just invites all sorts of questions to ponder while looking over the wonderful work that Avelino has done.

And now, the #1 picked pic for this week is…

1. Window to Dawn

Sixth Leaf can’t seem to stay off of these lists can they? But who can blame them – they constantly put out some stellar work, and pieces like these show that Sixth Leaf can do more than make some awesome astral astrology dragons. Just look at all the things in this space lizard’s kitchen – all sorts of cooking supplies, tools, flowers, space…mushrooms I think, and of course you can’t forget the space coffee maker. It captures the morning mood all too well – I mean I’ve never been in a space lizard kitchen but I can still relate! You’ve even got the little pet with their bowl demanding food for an extra touch of “oh how cute!”

Congratulations and well done Sixth Leaf Clover! Your piece is the #1 pick for this week! Congrats and well done.

And that brings another out-of-this-world week to a close! But don’t space out just yet – we’re half through November and who knows when the holiday art will start rolling in! I think we could all use a little Christmas magic this year.