To remind everyone, this season of Fear the Walking Dead has been good, and for any long time watchers of the series, would you think that a Dwight centered episode would be good? Well, it wasn’t as strong as other episodes this season but it was still a good one that is for sure. After a small-time jump Sherry and Dwight are spending some quality time together. Something happened to Al and she didn’t check in with Virginia and Sherry is concerned but Dwight says they will take a look tomorrow, Sherry gets up to get a fork and ends up missing. Some masked people end up kidnapping Dwight, in the next morning, Dwight is in an empty swimming pool as someone is asking all sorts of questions. Sherry tells him to calm down and trust him as she is apart of them, a bigger man comes and finally gets the guy to back down who is someone that Dwight saved in the past.

The ragtag outfit is people that Virginia kicked out of settlements and have a vendetta against her. They want to blow up the truck thinking that will stop her, but Al comes and tells them they shouldn’t destroy the truck that they should steal it. We don’t have to wait at all, they are jumping right into trying to take over the truck, the group is on horseback, and Dwight charges up to knock out the antenna so he can’t relay any information back to base. Sherry and a couple of others run a diversion on one side as Dwight gets to the truck, and after some struggle gets up and inside the truck. He fights the man inside but gets his mask knocked off so the man sees Dwight’s face before he kicks the man outside of the truck. Knowing that Virginia’s ranger saw Dwight’s distinct face they went to go find him but Morgan has the man tied behind him on horseback.

Morgan wants everyone to go to the place he is working on and he is going tomorrow. Sherry and her masked crew want to go and kill Virginia. Just a quick sidebar, I have no idea why everyone always thinks that if you just knock off one person in a big group that everything magically will get better, or vanish. Take the Whisperers in the walking dead show, Alpha got killed, but the group still was the group as Beta kept the original vision alive, I know that the show hasn’t built up anyone to be Virginia’s number two but I don’t see any reason that things would magically change if she is gone.

Continuing on, Al and Morgan want to try to take back her vehicle, but Dwight catches wind followed by all the masks crew. Sherry and her crew want to attack Virginia tonight no matter what and Dwight calls in to tell them that they found a settlement of about 100 people and that Virginia and everyone else should come to make contact tonight. With all that setup, Sherry has Al, Morgan and even Dwight locked up so they can’t stop the attack. Virginia’s group arrives, but without Virginia, Sherry is tempted to use the gun on the soldiers but Dwight is able to escape and gets Sherry to stop.

Sherry wants Dwight to leave, she still believes they need to kill Virginia, while Dwight doesn’t think it’s the right time and is willing to go with Morgan now. But first Dwight uses his original escape plan and finds some walkers that look like Al and himself that has some of their clothes and Morgan messes up their face so it looks like they died. Al leads Morgan and Dwight to a Big Rig truck where all the people from the building from the previous episode were hiding out. Morgan says they can all go but a bunch of work will need to be done.