Welcome back to another installment of awesome furry art!

This week is “Amazing Paints Edition”, which featues, well, lots of paintings. Be they digital or real, there are some pretty awesome brushstrokes in this installment. So let’s jump right into the #7 pick:

7. From Your Grace

Kicking off this week’s list is this pretty awesome Warhammer 40,000-inspired painting by Pesets. Who doesn’t like a fearless Space Marine? They’re almost like space knights in a sense. Okay, genetically engineered space knights, but c’mon, look at the design of the mouthpiece and that huge sword – that’s straight-up knightly. The bright, if somewhat muted, reds, work really great among the blues, greys, and blacks of the piece.

6. The Gods Must Be Laughing

Art by 🏮🎋𝐍𝐄𝐎🎋🏮 (@Tokyozilla) on August 12, 2021.

Tokyozilla takes the #6 spots with this monstrous-looking character that appears to be crying over something. Perhaps it’s a tragic misfortune? It could be with the artist’s post of “the gods, they must be laughing at me”. That sadness, and perhaps anger and frustration, is demonstrated pretty well in this picture. For example, check out the facial expression and the hand that’s cupped around the star.

5. Planet Snoot

Art by ★ᗰYᒪᗩ★ (@MylaFox) on August 12, 2021.

I’ve heard of being on top of the world, but what about being below the earth? I suppose that might not matter when you’re a giant, cute fox. And that’s not all – artist Myla Fox delivered with lots of nice effects, colors, and shading. And the heavy blues and whites, with the sparkling stars and glowing earth, give the piece an almost mystical quality. It’s an excellent piece that’s quite literally on the nose.

4. Apimancy

How about a little honey and bees to sweeten this list up? Yacrical comes at us with this magically-infused piece featuring a deer that’s got quite the connection to bees. Actually, the term “Apimancy” can mean a magic user that has a tie to bees. And you really get that impression with the nearly sunlight bright light in their hands, and all of the neat glowing effects on the bees.

Don’t get too blinded by the lights, however, as we’ve got the honorable mentions to go over:

Dressed up for the night!Art by @reilukah on August 7, 2021.

Some pretty batty honorable mentions, rights? Now let’s kick off the top three with:

3. Incantation

Kicking off the top three is a more magical mystical wonder, brought to life by Royz. Though this time around, it’s an incantation rather than a magical connection to a specific race. Still, it looks really cool, and I really dig the semi-transparent effect on the summoned bird. The lighting effects created by the magical spell are also neat, and as is typical of Royz, is brought to life with intricate detail to both fur and clothing alike.

2. To Adventure!

Art by Amarian 🌠 (@CindyAAvelino) on August 11, 2021.

For the #2 spot, we’ve got this really cool swashbuckling piece by Amarian. You’d better watch out – this scaily captain of the ship is taking no prisoners, and they’re apt to use both gun and blade to shoot and chop through slimy tentacles. This a really dynamic, awesome piece, and has tons of cool coloring effects, lighting, and little details, such as the creatures in the background that are fleeing.

And now, the top piece of this week:

1. Beast Spirit

Art by Nat Vitchayed (@nat10730) on August 13, 2021.

We’ve gone from magically-linked insects to summoned birds, and now to spiritual bears. Taking the #1 spot this week is this awesome painting by Nat Vitchayed. There’s a lot of great elements going on with this picture, and the two different characters express two different moods. The worgen looks totally badass, and then the spirit bear behind him looks fearsome, with some great spectral effects. And while it’s a little hard to see, the scythe that the worgen is using is absolutely wicked-looking.

Congratulations and well done Nat Vitchayed, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that brings another week of awesome furry art to a close. I think we painted quite the list this week, eh?

But what do you think? Do you agree with this list, or disagree? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week.