Source: CW The Flash

How does the second part of a this Grodd two partner hold up? Without a doubt the stronger half of this gorillas special.

They really didn’t hold back the how much of a threat Grodd truly is. Grodd finally became the full blown villain some of us will recognize from the comics. Barry and the rest of Team Flash really showed why they are the heroes of Central city. They demonstrated some great detective work with finding out Grodd’s plan. I also enjoyed how they didn’t make Grodd seem weak at all in this. Well until the final when he lost his battle to Solovar. The CGI was very impressive and I’m sure the fact it was shot at night had a big part in why it looked so good. I also though tit was very funny and interesting seeing Harry and H.R Wells interact with each other and see how completely differently they are. I would love to see a spin-off show with just these two. Another subplot that took me by surprise was of how Gypsie factored in this episode. She pretty much saved the city and day with her vibing powers and bringing in Solovar. I thought her charter was used very well.  Now while I do believe this was much superior to  “Attack On Gorilla City” there was one thing that did bother me.  We got a very small amount of  The Accelerated Man. I would have loved for him to just be on screen for a few mins. Hopefully, he returns to help team flash for the season final.

Overall I have to say I was blown away by the CGI and how Barry showed us the hero he really is by saving Grodd’s life from Solovar. It’s moments like that shows that Flash is a real hero who values life. Looking back I feel watching both parts back to back will make this seems a much stronger story and a more satisfying one as well.