Saving Vanya

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Diego, Allison, and Klaus attempted to stop Vanya through her roaring power but failed. Ben’s ghost was able to possess Vanya’s mind to find her. She was able to remember everything that happened before Sissy hit her with her car. This was the most touching scene out of the entire show because Ben comforted her in ways her siblings were incapable of. The family has never experienced the warmth of loving parents, which hindered them from loving others despite their flaws.

Vanya thought of herself as a monster, but Ben assured her that it was their family that treated her like a monster before she had ever become one. Ben spoke the perfect words and gave her the overdue hug she so desperately needed to stop her from destroying the world. I would’ve never guessed that Ben would be the one to save the world. It was heartbreaking to see his spirit fade away, but I’m glad his last spiritual moments ended this way.

Five Vs. Five

Watching young number five and elderly number five battle it out through their aggressive experience of paradox psychosis was the most amusing thing I’ve watched all season. Poor Luther was stuck in the middle and took a kick to the balls while the two fought over time travel. Even though they are the same person, I like young number five more because he is edgy, funny, and a bad a**. Elderly number five is stuck in his own ways and seems more selfish. The briefcase was at their fingertips until Luther kicked elderly number five into 2019 and damaged the briefcase making it useless.

Lila Is Case Number 743

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Herb broke the news that Diego escaped to the Handler leaving Lila with no choice, but to kill him. I wasn’t sure If Lila was an exact product of The Handler, until she admitted that she couldn’t kill Diego. herb was able to deliver case number 734 to Lila, which is about the day that her parents were murdered. Lila focused her anger on number five instead of the Handler who gave out the order to five to kill her parents.

This helped me conclude that The Handler never told her the truth to Lila. She took her and made her seem as if she was some savior when she’s actually a power-hungry witch. Thanks to the goldfish she has a clue as to whom to blame until she finds out that The Handler is behind it. The fact that The Handler was inches away from stabbing Lila if she would’ve accused her of killing her parents shows that she has no real motherly love for Lila.

Another Ticking Bomb

Diego’s obsession with saving JFK continued in this episode, but on the day of his assassination, he failed. Diego was certain that it was his father who assassinated JFK but took down a doppelganger. It turned out that Sir. Hargreeves knew the assassins who killed JFK but didn’t want any harm to come to him. As he began to separate himself from the murderers the unthinkable happened. Sir. Hargreeves pulled off a mask revealing his alien head. My jaw dropped because I wasn’t expecting anything like this. What the fu**?

Sissy finally put her foot down and admitted to Carl that he loved Vanya when he attempted to take Harlan away. This later backfired literally when Carl accidentally shot Harlan. Because of Vanya’s powers, the bullet bounced off of his chest killing Carl. Harlan than became a ticking bomb of emotions. Ben was able to save Vanya, but it will take a village to save this kid.

Rating: 5/5

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After I watched this episode, I had to pick my face up off the floor. To say that this episode was full of surprises is an understatement. I develop a lot of conspiracy theories while I watch this show, but I would have never thought of Sir. Hargreeeves being an alien. That discovery has crowed my head with so many questions that I began to feel like Sheldon from the “Big Bang Theory”. “I don’t need sleep, I need answers. This also made me believe that all bad fathers are aliens. I know it’s ridiculous, but how else can you explain this? I also loved the emotional scene when Ben saved Vanya. Out of all the siblings, he wasn’t the one I was expecting to relieve her. It was the perfect way to remove his ghost from the story. I’m looking forward to more surprises, Vanya saving Harlan, and the story of Sir.Hargreeves the alien.