You can’t miss Kid Flash as he’s running past. He’s the latest addition to our cosplay team and is already picking up some mad speed. His enthusiasm and attitude are absolutely contagious. Come learn more about this speedy cosplayer and his lightning-fast cosplay!

What Got You Into Cosplay?
I’ve always been a super nerdy dude, and I didn’t fit in well with being super anxious and overanalyzing my every step. But I had some great nerdy friends, one being my long-time best friend Cristobal, who actually dragged me out of my house to go to Dragoncon. It was my first convention; I went for 1 day and that’s all it took to get me hooked. Cristobal helped me get into the cosplay community by supporting me with photoshoots and helping me build my confidence, so a great big thank you to @cristobalsanchezphoto on Instagram.

What Is Your Favorite Cosplay You’ve Done So Far? 
My favorite cosplay to this day has got to be Kid Flash. I resonate so much with the speedster goof-ball that is Wally West.

What Are The Main Factors in Choosing a Cosplay for You?
The hairstyle is a huge factor for me. I don’t wear a lot of wigs and if I can cosplay a character with my own hair it makes it so much more convenient for me.

Current Favorite Cosplay Breakdown: Costume & Accessories
 Kid Flash has become a bit of a Frankenstein’s Monster of a costume. I got the original pleather suit from; and as expected with wholesale cosplay shops, I replaced the boots, gloves, and cowl. The gloves came from an old Kid Flash ZenatiZone suit that I cut up, the boots can be found on Amazon by searching “WWE Boots”, and the cowl is something that I personally don’t have a recommendation for. The store that I got my cowl from has recently shut their doors on 3d printing but was originally made by @Spe3dyPrints on Instagram. The pants of my current Kid Flash cosplay are also actually from a CW Flash cosplay from season 4 that I also purchased on

What Is Your Occupation Outside Of Cosplay? 
I work the graveyard shift for a security company.

Why Do YOU (personally) Continue To Cosplay? 
I continue to cosplay because not only does it make me feel great about myself, but occasionally I can make others feel great about themselves too.

What Is Your Favorite Convention To Cosplay At? 
DRAGONCON!!!! Dragoncon is a CRAZY HUGE convention down here in Atlanta where I’m based and it is a whole new experience in the cosplay realm. No convention I’ve attended has ever quite captured the same magic that Dragoncon produces.

How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Cosplay Per Week/Month?
With the exception of my time spent on social media as a cosplayer, my time spent on cosplay itself is fairly low. I’ll do the occasional photoshoot to rebuild my content buffer, and of course attend conventions when I can, then go back to my normal life.

Best Cosplay Experience You’ve Had.
After cosplaying for a while I had someone reach out to me for a kid’s birthday party, which I’d done a few birthday parties before so I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I learned a bit beforehand that Jace had actually beaten cancer 2 times already and was getting ready for a third fight with it. I was able to go see Jace with other members of the Princess company that hired me on for the event and it was a very memorable experience seeing Jace and his friends and family all come together.

Best Advice You Have For New Cosplayers. 
Do not be afraid to buy your cosplays. There is absolutely no shame in buying your cosplays, or your props, or anything. You don’t have to be a master crafter to cosplay, nor do you need to know how to do incredible make-up looks. It’s all a learning curve and so long as you’re enjoying what you do then just keep doing it. Take me for example, I am a buyer, not a crafter. I assemble my cosplays through thrift store finds, big cosplay companies, and small business commissioners. You don’t have to be a foam-crafter, a 3d printer, a seamstress, or a make-up artist to cosplay. Hell, in the world of cosplay you don’t even need to be yourself, just get out there and have some fun.