Judy, Penny, and Will are airborne and safe in orbit, next stop in Alpha Centauri. But before they leave she has a moment with her father Grant Kelly. He has come to realize that he may be a little outdated. His pride is hurt but at the same time, it’s his daughter so there has to be some pride as a father there for him as well. So Will, tell Robot to go ahead and set the course despite the many questions about what they found in the cave. Before they take off Robot starts acting weird and they feel he is being controlled because their next destination is not Alpha Centauri but all the parents that SAR whats to kill. And SAR will do anything to get what he wants.

Now the parents have trouble heading their way in thirty minutes. They are defenseless with nowhere to hide and nowhere to run. They feel like they can still save their kids no matter what. So they decide to destroy all evidence of Alpha Centauri from all the Jupiters. This means that their kids will be safe because Sar won’t know how to get there. The parents don’t want their sacrifices to be in vain.

Judy insists they follow orders but the kids don’t want their parents to die. So they decide to try and save them despite their orders to go to Alpha Centauri. Even though it is not what they wanted a reunion and rescue is happening. With SAR on their tail, it’s a race to get to Alpha Centauri. Will they make it? The rift is opened and all the Jupiter’s get through. However, the Robinsons, Smith, and Don are all together once again and danger is next to follow so there’s no time to catch up. Will uses his recording to fight back against the robots and two alien ships get destroyed. Unfortunately, there’s no time to celebrate because they have to get through the rift and close it before Sar follows. That plan doesn’t work for our dear old Robinsons.

They end up on another no-name planet after the jump and they have to eject because the ship has no power and is about to crash. The dangerous situation always finds our friends. Now Judy and Maureen are stuck inside the ship and their seats won’t eject. It’s on a planet that is home to creatures they can’t even dare to dream up. But, that is only half of the problem, they could lose their ship this time, then how would they reach their destination?