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Thoughts I Had While Watching Stranger Things – Chapter 4: The Body


FYI: Noticeably less liveblog thoughts this time around because I spent most of the episode in shock. 

  1. He didn’t die in that quarry he was dumped there!
  2. Winona is playing distraught/crazy REALLY well.
  3. Poor Joyce. Hopper, just pretend to believe the poor woman!
  4. How many times have I written the phrase ‘Poor Joyce’? It could become a drinking game.
  5. Once again, I couldn’t stay in that house.
  6. If Will is dead, what was going on with the lights and messages?
  7. Aw Hopper stayed.
  9. 11 needs to be protected at all costs.
  10. WTF. Will? Singing on the walkie talkie? Why did that make her nose bleed??
  11. So many mysteries to uncover guys.
  12. Someone from state did the autopsy. SHADY.
  13. So maybe the creepy lab made an exact replica of his body? maybe??
  14. Jonathan. You’re annoying. Maybe if you spent more time at home and not taking stalker pics you’d notice weird stuff, too.
  15. How come 11 can talk sometimes but not other times?
  16. Aw you looked pretty before too, 11! Blonde hair and a dress doesn’t make you pretty! We must reject society’s beauty standards! #feminism
  17. Okay nvm that’s not a octopus. Is it like a portal into the monster world?!
  18. Why are these policemen so stupid. Obviously there’s shady stuff going on.
  19. Nancy and Joyce need to get together and talk!
  20. What’s in the corner of that picture??
  21. So basically what I’m starting to figure out is that this town is built on a hellmouth.
  22. Okay but realistically though, would anybody actually laugh and mock a boy’s memorial service?
  23. Way to go Mike!
  24. YAS 11! She’s taking out those bullies!
  25. What a team!
  27. Oh yes! Jonathan’s putting it together!
  28. Aw Hopper’s pretending his daughter’s alive. That’s so sad. Oh, he’s undercover right now. Got it.
  29. “Don’t let anyone get too close to the body.” He’s definitely not dead! Hopefully Barb isn’t either!
  30. I’m confused about what 11′s powers actually are.
  31. Omg. WILL IS IN THE WALL? Where IS HE??
  32. I’m so confused. How did the Duffer Brothers come up with this idea. He wasn’t actually…in the wall…but he was? It makes no sense. I’m rambling but it’s because I don’t understand anything.
  33. Hopper’s solution for everything is violence and while that’s not something we should be promoting widely, it works really well on this show.
  34. Go hopper! Punch the bad guys!
  36. Oh good Lonnie’s back…
  37. Hopper you gon’ get yourself killed sneaking into that place!
  38. I can’t handle this. I need everything to be resolved. I’m a nervous wreck!

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