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The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXXI, Review


The early highlight of every Simpsons season, Treehouse of Horror’s have always given the show a chance to let loose and be fully experimental.

This year’s installment though is very light on the ‘horror’ aspect. The only scary part comes from the cold open where Homer goes to vote in the election. Without saying his name the show takes a major dig at Donald Trump and lists every major reason to vote against him. When Homer wakes up, he’s forgotten to vote and the world has descended into chaos.

Toy Gory


My least favorite of the segments sees a 3D Simpsons parody Toy Story. Only here, Bart tortures his toys for fun in painful ways (leaving them in the microwave, shaving a head in half, and full on dismemberment to name a few examples. The toys, led by a Krusty doll decide to rise up and kidnap Bart. They rearrange his insides with toys and Bart himself becomes a walking toy complete with an automated voice. Marge and Homer know its too late when Bart’s voice prompt says ‘I love you’. While the effects were cool this segment just didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t very unique (though none of the segments really were) and wholly predictable. Killer toys have been done better, see Evil Krusty from THH III.

Into the Homer-verse


Much better. Here, Homer has eaten all the kids Halloween candy at work and must now frantically search for some. He can’t find any but stumbles upon a portal device thinking it has candy. He accidentally opens it and in drop multiple Homers from various timelines: Noir Homer, pixelated Homer, Disney Princess Homer, Snagglepuss Homer and (my favorite) Japanese anime Homer. The group wreak havoc on Springfield forcing the Krusty Burger to find alternative meat solutions, which includes poor Gill. Homer is forced to restore the timeline but not before a showdown with multiple Burns clones. This segment, while again not scary, was zany enough to be a good laugh. The multiple Homers were great and they played off each other very well.

Be Nine, Rewind


The last segment is a Groundhog Day-esque parody with Lisa reliving her ninth birthday over and over. No matter what she does she keeps dying but soon finds out that Nelson is undergoing the same thing. The two work together to break the loop but fail repeatedly. The multiple deaths are impressive as pretty much everything turns out to be fatal, even a vanity mirror. With a little help from Comic Book Guy the two figure out that they each have to use their special abilities to restore the timeline. When Lisa’s explaining takes too long Nelson just decides to kill Gill and that restores order. This was funny mostly for the gags and the pairing of Lisa and Nelson always seems to work.

So, two solid segments and one dud. I just wish the THH actually had some horror elements.

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