With “Lethal Weapon” not returning until April 10th, we have a few more weeks to get to know the cast a little bit better.  With that in mind, let’s go back to season one and remember some of the more noteworthy guest-stars!

(1) Daryl Hennicky is Gino Anthony Pesi


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Do you remember that guy in “Lethal Weapon’s” pilot? The guy that plummeted from the roof at the end of the episode?  That would be the character Daryl Hennicky. The guy who played him is most known for being James Neva in the TV show “Shades of Blue.”

(2) Peter Scarelli is Charles Baker 


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Another bad guy from the pilot was Peter Scarelli.  He had the nerve to threaten the life of our beloved Avery.  Fortunately, Riggs drove through a wall and kept that from happening.  This character was brought to us by actor Charles Baker.  Most people would know his face from “Breaking Bad” as Skinny Pete.

(3) Bennett Hirsch is Kristoffer Polaha 


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This was the guy that, in the second episode of season one, started out being a hot agent and ended up a dirty agent instead.  If you were wondering where you knew his face all the way up until he got blown up, it’s because he’s from two other well-known TV shows. He was Nate Bazile in “Life Unexpected.” He was also Henry Butler in “Ringer.”

(4) Jack Kirstein is Kwame Patterson 


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Were you wondering if you’d seen this guy before? Before he gets his brains blown out by Riggs at the close of the episode, the actor behind Jack Kirstein was in another TV series called “The Wire” as Monk Metcalf. These days, he’s starring as the character Neckbone in the show “The Oath.”

(5) Henry Ashworth is Christopher Stanley


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Where did you see this face before it popped into “Lethal Weapon?” Christopher Stanley played another well-known man by the same name!  He was Henry Francis in “Mad Men.”

(6) Chad Jackson is Michael Raymond-James


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This face is probably the most familiar on this entire list! Many people might know him as Neal Cassidy from “Once Upon a Time,” while others might know him more recently from “Game of Silence” as Gil Harris.


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(7) Alejandra Cruz is Richard CabralYou remember that character with the strange voice? The one you kept expecting to be a bad guy and yet resolutely remained on the right team? After his stint on “Lethal Weapon,” Cabral went on to a role on “American Crime” as Hector Tonz, Isaac Castillo, and Sebastian De La Torre.

(8) Ned Brower is Ted Levine

Here is another super famous face! I’m sure that a lot of fans saw Ted Levine and got very excited! Most people still remember Ted Levine as Captain Leland Stottlemeyer from “Monk.” More recently, Levine has been in the “Alienist” as Thomas Brynes. Finally, he’s going to also be showing his face in the next installment of “Jurassic World.”

(9) Henry Cho is Chin Han When Chin Han isn’t playing a detective on “Lethal Weapon,” he’s actually playing with the big boys. He was Councilman Yen in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” He was Commander Jiang in “Independence Day: Resurgence.” More recently, he was Togusa in the series “Marco Polo.”

(10) Eddie Flores is Raul Casso 


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Before Raul Casso played a big thorn in the ribs of Martin Riggs, he was in several other TV shows. He was Ronnie in “Taxi Brooklyn,” Tiberio Martinez in “Powers,” and Andres Diaz in “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Next week, we’ll explore some of the female guest stars from season one!