We’re now rounding out into the 3rd week of October – hard to believe it’s almost time for Halloween! And with the end of this week, y’all know it’s time for some more great furry art picks! And unfortunately, this time we don’t have any eyefuls of eyes to show off. But that doesn’t make this week’s list any less cool!

Let’s get right into it, starting with:

7. Injured Solider

Neungsonie gives us a grim look at what goes down on the battlefield, rendered in a lovely paint style with some muted colors to help accent the grim situation. What draws me to this one is Neungsonie’s painting style, and the level of detail put into the image. You can see zippers on the pants, little accessories dangling from here and there, and a real sense of desperation in the tiger’s face. What also adds to this is the well-drawn background, and the various foliage growing all around the piece. Really helps add to the rainy, dour mood this piece is trying to set up.

6. Serpent in the Lake

What I like about this drawing is the character design – it just looks really really cool. I’ll admit – he is a bit of a handosme dragon too, and I really dig that confident look on his face. The spike-like feathers are a nice touch as well, giving this fellow a bit of a sharp look, and the way Tazzle did the coloring on this character really works great.

The way his body is textured also gives a nice blend between furry and hard scales. Throw in a nice waterfall background with the added blur that brings our dragon friend into sharp focus, and you’ve got a great pic on your hands.

5. Spiritual Belief

Speaking of cool, check out this piece by Vexstacy. I love the blue and black fur colors of the character, specifically the blue tattoo-like designs on her forearms, and the blue around her eyes, which really helps to draw your attention them and her expression. Her top also plays with the black and blue color scheme very well, with an outline of black, a sliver trim, and an inner gloss-looking blue that’s just enough of a different hue to stand on its own. The glowing blue floating crystals also add on to the character’s all-around cool factor, and I love the braided and curly hairstyle she has.

I always love seeing Vexstacy’s work pop up on my timelines, because I know she’s going to do something great with the designs of either her characters, their clothing (even if it’s just lingerie!) or both.

4. Wrong Move

For some reason, this gives me heavy Ghost of Tsushima vibes. Regardless, Dan Syron knocks it out with another awesome, dynamic piece. Look at how that sword is angled and how in-your-face it is! Then you have the shadowed fellow on top, with them also drawn with a great sense of perspective, as if you’re looking up at them. There’s also a nice play of different forms of contrast here. You not only have a contrast of shadows and light (within the same character no less) but also colors. The wolf has blue, and then the shadowed fellow on top has a red glow on their katana. The background also has a convex curve to it that helps accent the setup of these two and the looking-upwards perspective even more.

Don’t curve upwards too fast though, we still have to check out the honorable mentions for this week! Let’s start with:

Looking pretty cool! Now, let’s curve up into the top three, starting with:

3. Better Make Sure

Lushiminda kicks off the top three with this assassin-looking character. A badass femme assassin no less! Check out that look in her eye – that’s the look of a killer, someone who’s moving in to do some damage. And Lushminda’s use of darker colors and heavy shadows really helps sell that, with bright crimson ribbons that draw attention to her blood-stained katanas. The perspective of the background works well too, it’s packed with details and done in a way that helps draw the eye right back to our female action heroine here. Not just in how it’s arranged, but also with the bright colors and bright lights that contrast with our darker-rendered warrior here.

2. Lantern Date

Wait, haven’t we seen this couple before? I could’ve sworn we have.

Kyander’s sure setting themselves up as someone that can really knock out romantic pieces! The couple doing their nosing is cute enough, but I think what really sells this picture for me is the environment. You’ve got a beautiful array of paper lanterns floating on the water as well as through the air, creating a colorful, beautiful backdrop that complements the adorable couple perfectly. Add on Kyander’s talent with color and texture, and you’ve got another winner. Kyander did another great (and cute!) piece this week, but I like this lovely couple just a little bit more. It’s the romance that does it for me, really.

1. Jack of all Daisies

Coming in at #1 is something you might have to do a double-take or two with – is anyone else getting double vision?

This past week Lackadaisy’s Twitter released a tweet that contained a few pieces from the past Octobers, and this was my favorite pick of the bunch. Honestly, I almost thought that this was an actual card and not a drawing – it looks that good! There’s just a sense of real texture and depth that makes this so darn cool and a marvelous piece to look at. And I really love the outfits of the jacks; the stripes, contrasting colors, harlequin patterns, spilling alcohol, all of it makes for a really fun design that’s jammed pack of detail. Jack of all trades? Perhaps, but definitely a jack of great art!

Congratulations and well done Lackisdaisy! Your art is the #1 pick for this week!

And that’ll do it. Not much scary or even magic going on this week, but that’s okay, I think we could use a breather. That brings us to Halloween-week, and I’m excited to see if there’s any more mischievous, magical, spooky art in store. Let’s see what the week of trick-or-treating gives us!