In the last episode, the crew on this unknown planet discovered that there was something in the water that eats metal. All types of metal. Which in space on a metal ship is very dangerous. So they are trying to contain the infection and get everyone safely back aboard the Resolute. But of course, they didn’t catch everyone and one person brought the foreign contaminant aboard the ship. Unknowingly of course, because the metal that got infected was inside his leg. And that has gotten onto the ship and it just so happens to be where Penny is attending school. Along with her ex-boyfriend Vijay and the lovely and manipulative Dr. Smith.

So, you know that there cannot be disaster without involving a Robinson. But this time Penny is alone because they rest of the family is off doing other things. Will and Maureen are looking for Robot and Judy and John are still on the planet. So time is of the essence. Part of the ship is compromised and slowly deteriorating. It is also the only way to and from the classroom is through the place that is damaged and sealed off. Now, Don and his crew are trying to get to them via another route but it is taking too long to tunnel through the ship.

Because it is taking so long to get to them, they have to take a riskier route. And that is sealing themselves in an airtight container while the contaminated portion of the ship is blasted away. Great idea right? Well, yeah, except that the teacher is claustrophobic and is terrified of getting in the container. So, Penny calls on Dr. Smith to put her powers of manipulation to work and convince Mr. Jackson, the teacher to get into the box. She just barely manages to persuade him in and then the section is blown away. The container enters open space and we can are inside with them. First, it is pure silence and panicky breathing as we see a leaf freeze over. Then a couple of jolts later and Don has saved their lives.

But it is not without consequence as Don is arrested for violating some protocols to save her life. Back on the planet, Will has found Robot. Or so he thinks until he realizes it is SAR and it tries to attack him. But the captain is able to save Will from harm. Will is then compelled to keep looking and ends up falling down a hole and into Robot’s arms. After a long search and a lot of time apart, Will has found his friend.

So quick episode, and this time it wasn’t a Robinson who came to everyone’s rescue but it was Don and Dr. Smith. Now, they have to make it back to the Resolute and I expect some more truths will come out about how the Resolute can travel such great distances. And just how many robots are out there?