The crew kept on their journey to New York, while Felix and Huck closed the gap essentially is the quick recap of this episode, though it was pretty drawn out. The episode actually started up right where the previous one ended with Iris, trying really horribly I might add, to kill a walker, she almost dies but ends up throwing up on it, literally and everyone just leaves it. The group makes it’s way through some part of town that was familiar to the girls. In the distance, they see lots of smoke and realize they are heading towards the Blaze of Gory which was always talked about, but turns out to be real. The Blaze of Gory is believed to be a ton of fires that have been burning for years and could go on for decades. Hope believes they should go around, but the others want to look about going through it to save time. Hope doesn’t agree with the whole idea so leaves a little trail knowing that Felix will probably be looking for them.

These two look like some Mean Girls. Alexa Mansour as Hope, Aliyah Royale as Iris – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Jojo Whilden/AMC

Felix gets a little backstory flashback this time, he was the man at a young age, helping keep his parents above water by working and giving the money to them while his dad seemed to be down on his luck out of work. His father found out that he was gay while using his computer applying for some jobs and kicked him out of the house and disowned him. Even when the world went to crap and Felix went back to check on his parents they wouldn’t let him in. When Huck and Felix stopped at a house for the night Felix snuck out after Felix slept to go to his old house and kill his walker parents.

The young group have a couple quick scenes at night, the first has them spending the night in a tree house, being loud and attracting a walker they thought they ditched earlier. Hope tries to kill it with a bowling ball she found but it didn’t work, she went out after everyone was asleep to try to kill it, but couldn’t but got it stuck in the swimming pool.

The next morning, the four of them make their way through walkers, smoke and buses thinking they got out completely but realized they barely made a dent. The only plan they can come up with is if someone sneaks through and sets off the alarm, it will create enough of a diversion for everyone else to escape, and the plan is for whoever to set off the alarm to also escape. For reasons that make no sense, the group decides to sleep on top of a building amongst all sorts of smoke instead of staying inside somewhere. Hope seems to have a hard time sleeping because she dips out again while everyone else is sleeping to go and set off the alarm herself.