A very suspicious package is sent to the mayor’s office. The security team doesn’t want him to come inside. Oliver assumes it’s another of Adrian Chases’s games so he makes his way inside, it is a large crypt that has the remains of a 15 year old body. The authorities are later able to identify the body as Henry Goodwin who died in 2002. While examining the body the fingernails had the killers DNA under it. Dyna was able to identify the killer and gave the information to Lance who looks extremely shocked. The killer’s DNA comes up as Oliver’s father. Thea makes her return, is caught up on what is going on, she urges Oliver not to make a press conference about the news and allegations which could end up lying to the public if in fact he was guilty.

Rene goes to talk to Lance about the good news, he has a court date for custody of his daughter Zoey. Rene in a round about way asks Lance to go for moral support and he said it would be an honor. Later on Rene learns that it is now a hearing and not just a court date, and he is afraid to testify and have his daughter be reminded and hear about all the bad things that happened to her and her mom. He also says that the foster mom has given her a good life and he is not a prize. Lance pleas with Rene to go to court and fight for his daughter, because he gets a chance to make new memories in the future, otherwise she might go through life thinking her dad didn’t love her.

Back on the streets, Dyna and Curtis are staking out Derek Sampson, Sampson is gathering some what appears to be small time supplies with no street value. Back at the headquarters Felicity thinks she has a great lead on where Michael Goodwin was killed, and has Diggle and Oliver investigate. In typical, it’s a trap fashion, it was a huge trap and Chase is attempting to bury them alive in concrete. Back at the stakeout, Derek Sampson is finally on the move, but Felicity calls Dyna and Curtis off to go save Oliver and Diggle. Back at headquarters the team pulls together about the nights events, the trap, what items Derek Sampson was after, when Oliver realizes that it is likely apart of a bigger agenda and has an idea of where Derek will be at next for the third piece of the puzzle.

Thea watches a tape given to them from the last person who was seen alive with Oliver’s father. Adrian correctly guessed at some point trying to uncover the truth they would call him in, and Adrian told him to give over the tape when they did. On the tape Thea sees what looks like a fight, a struggle with Goodwin eventually being thrown into a big vat below killing him. Felicity talks with Oliver about legacy and changes, and how he needs to don the Green Arrow again, after some consideration, with Felicity’s urging he does as everyone gets ready to go stop Sampson.

Dyna and Rene are on the roof, as the others head inside the building, during the trek up Green Arrow faces off with Promethius. Oliver tells Adrian Chase about legacy, and how he is making changes, but his legacy is essentially awful. It seemingly crushes Adrian, who kneels down and wants Oliver to kill him, Oliver refuses but says he will make him face justice. On the roof, starting with Guardian, a gun fight goes off and Sampson’s thugs are stopped, Sampson is able to get the upper hand on Wild Dog until Black Canary makes the save with her voice. They are able to tie him up and Guardian tells Rene to shoot him if he tries to escape.

Oliver gives a video to Thea that was from his father, he held it all this time because he didn’t want her to have to bear the burden of what he had to say but he says it’s not for him to decide, it’s for her if she wants to watch it or not. While this happens Lance shows up at the parental hearing, but Rene is a no show and his appeal is denied, seriously what the fuck man? Thea does decide to view the tape, on the tape he said that Thea has always been stronger than Oliver, Oliver can get through anything though if he has the love and support of his sister. Oliver goes and has a press conference saying that it has been in fact true about their father killing someone. He goes on to say though that his dad sacrificed his life for a better legacy for his kids, Adrian is watching the press conference and gets very happy when he hears about siblings.