Here we are once more. It is now time to recap the final few minutes of The Day in the Life. At last (nod to Cyndi Lauper’s guest appearance). It almost feels as though I just began this quest. But in reality, it has actually been two months since Cam’s POV was posted. A bit unbelievable. But time essentially stopped for me on March 28. As much as I used to wish I had the power to turn back the clock prior to that date, that is how desperately I now “pray” for time to pass as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it does not seem to want to budge beyond this agonizingly glacial pace. So, all I can really do is just keep pretending that this is a hiatus. It’s honestly not that far-fetched, by any means. We have been through some excruciatingly long hiatuses in the past. So I see no reason why I cannot just sail on that ship indefinitely. And I shall.

Since I have written five different introductions over the past couple months, I see no reason to stall. I’ll get right to it. This is the final act of the episode. We have observed the events of these 24 hours play out through the eyes of Cam, Hodgins, Aubrey, Angela, and Brennan. Now, it is Booth’s turn. And within these last minutes, the final pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

We begin just outside of the reception once more. Booth makes his way over to Avalon who is waiting for him over by the couches. She is relieved to see that he has begrudgingly listened to Angela, and will at least hear her out. “Agent Booth, thank goodness.” Avalon gets right to it, and explains that Max came to her in a vision the previous night. “All right, look, I know that you take stock in all this stuff, and this mumbo-jumbo things, but if you tell Brennan that you’re communing with Max, that’s gonna be a problem.” But that is precisely why she has asked for Booth. He may not take her line of work seriously. In fact, he has flat out said that he doesn’t. However, if there’s someone who believes in her abilities less than Booth, it’s Brennan. And she is hoping that both his spiritual nature and his love for his wife will help her get through to him. No matter how anyone may feel about psychic abilities, it’s difficult to deny that Avalon genuinely believes what she hears. In this moment, the feelings of worry and distress are written plainly, all over her face. If she didn’t vehemently believe the message she is relaying, if it was all a complete sham, she would have certainly at least waited until after the wedding to meet with Booth.

BONES 12x11 Booth1

Season 12 BONES: L-R: David Boreanaz and guest star Cyndi Lauper in the “The Final Chapter: The Day In the Life” episode of BONES airing Tuesday, March 21 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Avalon pats the cushion next to her, and asks that Booth allow her to consult the cards. Booth reluctantly sits down beside the psychic. Though, he pops right back up in an instant, as the untouched cards are not literally saying anything. But Avalon is not having it, and requests that Booth simply choose a card. He looks down, and then back up at Avalon. I assume that his nearly foolproof gut is telling him that this woman is nothing, if not sincere. And also, that she is concerned. So, Booth humors her. The first card he turns over is the “Temperance” card. “Ha, look at that. Temperance. That’s a coincidence.” Booth is obviously attempting to make light of the situation. After all, he doesn’t believe in this. Does he? Maybe Avalon stacked the deck with a hundred Temperance cards. He selects another card, and it’s “Death.” “And that’s just what I was afraid of.” Booth nervously chuckles. “Look, Bones can take care of herself, all right.” He’s clearly conflicted. He does not want to believe there is any truth to this. “Don’t laugh this off, Agent Booth. Your wife is in serious danger.” He thanks her for the “update,” and gets up to return to the party. Avalon can sense that Booth does not quite believe her. She is well-aware that he and Brennan have always resisted her particular line of work. “Listen, I know you think I’m a nut but I also know that you know that I’m not a phony. So don’t ignore me.” This is the truth. Booth has been around Avalon enough to understand that while her approach is a little out-there, she has had a tendency to be right about more than a few things. She begs the agent not to ignore her.

This is a woman who once warned Booth that Brennan was in grave danger (and Booth was able to get to Brennan just in the nick of time). A woman who knew how and where to locate Sweets’ book. And a woman who knew that Booth and Brennan would eventually end up together. She even sang at the couple’s wedding. So, very softly, Booth agrees to heed her warning. He offers Avalon her cards back, but she tells him to keep them. I have a feeling she knows that he may need them later to convince a certain someone of the severity of the situation. As Booth turns to walk away, Avalon cautions him to be on the lookout for signs. Booth stares intently at the cards in his hand as he walks. He pauses and takes one more look back at Avalon before slowly heading back to the reception. A look of concern and confusion is plastered on his face. It is the very same look we saw earlier in the episode when he ran into Angela. All is beginning to come together. And if the viewer was under any misconception that Avalon didn’t fully believe what she was saying, her face as she watches Booth walk away is evidence to the contrary.

BONES 12x11 Booth2

Season 12 BONES: L-R: David Boreanaz and guest star Cyndi Lauper in the “The Final Chapter: The Day In the Life” episode of BONES airing Tuesday, March 21 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting

And that is finally it for the wedding. If anyone actually reads these, you know that I have been very excited and comforted by the return of Cam and Arastoo’s wedding reception, week after week. It almost feels sad that I won’t be a virtual guest at the party any longer. But there is plenty more to discuss. So I’ll move on.

Michelle is at the FBI, waiting in Booth’s office. As he enters, she hands Cam’s purse to him, and asks that he give it to her mom when he stops by the lab. Booth is curious as to why Michelle is at the Hoover. Obviously, she could have returned Cam’s purse herself unless she had other business to attend to nearby. As it so happens, she does. Michelle has applied to Quantico, and today is her final round interview with the deputy director. Booth is a bit taken aback, but definitely seems happy for her. “Cam never told me this.” This is because Cam actually does not know. Michelle asks Booth to keep the news quiet until she finds out for sure. Naturally, Cam would be worried about her daughter engaged in FBI work. It’s dangerous. Additionally, Michelle wants to surprise her mother if she gets in. Booth begins to ask Michelle details about her interview, when a bird suddenly slams into his office window. “Wait, that’s like a bad omen, right?” Seems like a sign to me. Also, is it a bad omen? I’ve been wondering as much, since eight birds have flown into my window in the past few months…Anyway, Booth looks as though he has seen a ghost. But he reins it in so as not to worry his guest, and takes a moment to reassure her that she will not blow her interview. “It’s just a silly superstition, okay? You’re gonna be fine.” Is he talking to Michelle? Or himself? Booth wishes her luck, but you can see that the wheels are already turning in that mind of his. Of course this couldn’t possibly be a sign that Avalon’s premonition was coming to fruition. That’s foolish. But what if it was? What if this is another warning and he’s not listening? There is really nothing to lose if he buys into Avalon’s words and nothing ends up coming of it. But he has everything to lose if he ignores the signs and the worst case scenario becomes a reality.

On another note, I’m quite pleased that Bones placed a lovely bow on Michelle’s story. The show really does respect each and every one of its characters. Michelle first appeared in the series right after her father died. She became an orphan in an instant, and was going to have to move to another state to live with family she had never met. And while Cam inadvertently hurt her as a child when she left all those years ago, she came back into the teen’s life and provided her a home and a family.  Cam has always loved Michelle as if she was her own. Even when Michelle was too young to remember. And even when an older Michelle was screaming hurtful words right after losing her father. This is because Michelle is her child. The two of them have been through so much together over the years. We saw Michelle struggle with both her future and her identity along the way. But Cam has always supported her. Always helped guide her. Always cared for her. And now, here she is, all grown up.  Out on her own. Following her passion. I have no doubt Michelle will make a great agent. After all, she has had some exemplary role models over the years. 

BONES 12x11 Booth11

Photo Source: Bones, FOX (2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

As Booth is heading to the break room to grab some more coffee, Hodgins calls from the woods. He has found a Black Witch moth on the victim’s body, which is not native to the area. It likely traveled with the body to the site of the dump. Hodgins calls the insect a “harbinger of death.” This startles Booth once more. As Hodgins is about to discuss additional evidence he found, Aubrey rushes over and asks to speak to Booth immediately. Aubrey explains that the victim was wearing a prison uniform, and that he just discovered how these presumed prisoners escaped. Booth asks who “they” is, and Aubrey is not exactly sure. But he is sure that the nearest prison is the one where Kovac was previously being held. Booth demands that Aubrey get the body to the lab now. But Booth will not be meeting them at the Jeffersonian, as he needs to ensure that Hank and Christine are okay.

Back in his office, Booth pats the head of a sleeping Hank. Christine excitedly yells at her dad to look at a photo she took with his phone. Booth asks that she talk a bit softer, “so your brother can sleep.” Because Christine has a baby brother. Booth and Brennan had a little boy. I know I’m insane. I choose not to care…Booth takes a look at his phone, and sees a selfie Christine took during the previous evening. He compliments the picture, and gently reminds her to keep her voice down.

BONES 12x11 Booth10

Photo Source: Bones, FOX (2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

Booth anxiously paces his office, presumably trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Any way you look at it, nothing ideal seems to be heading their way. But what is the next move to make? Christine calls her dad back over. “Mommy’s face is missing.” Now that’s a big of a jarring statement without context. What?” “Mommy’s face!” Booth grabs the phone and looks at the photo. In any other scenario, this would probably be a humorous moment. There is a photo of Brennan with most of her face obscured by something- that something being Christine’s finger. Booth explains as much to his daughter. But he still continues to stare at the screen. “Why is my finger so big?” Christine begins to giggle adorably at her mistake. But Booth isn’t paying attention. He seems to be lost in thought. This is the third “sign,” if he is keeping track. How many more will he shrug off? How many more can he afford to ignore?

BONES 12x11 Booth8

Photo Source: Bones, FOX (2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

At that moment, Aubrey walks in with the food he procured earlier from the diner. “Uncle Aubrey!” Christine’s enthusiasm gets the best of her. But Hank hasn’t even stirred. That is an enviable skill, kid. Booth attempts to quiet his daughter again, while simultaneously pointing out the sleeping toddler to Aubrey. He wants to control the noise level. Booth then inquires about Kovac. Aubrey reports that Kovac has still not called “his wife,” but that Angela’s ready to track the phone the moment he does. Aubrey also sent a bomb squad to Booth and Brennan’s house. That is probably an exceptionally brilliant idea on his part. Booth cannot and will not risk the lives of his family. The kids will remain at the FBI where they are surrounded by heavy protection. And for as long as it takes. But the team is still missing something. Something undoubtedly significant. Booth glances down at the photo of Brennan once again. Something about it is just not sitting right with him. Aubrey asks if he’s okay. And Booth abruptly announces that he is going to the lab.

BONES 12x11 Booth9

Photo Source: Bones, FOX (2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

The episode immediately jumps to Booth and Brennan, mid-argument in her office. Argument is actually the wrong word. Tensions are high. They are really just talking loudly and emotionally at each other. Because they are both worried about the fate of their family. Time is of the essence, like never before. Booth turns the cards over, as we saw at the end of the previous act.  “You are in danger.” And Brennan starts paying attention now. She truly appears to be frightened. Booth’s voice calms down a bit. “Look, Bones, I know you don’t believe in this stuff and neither do I, but my gut is telling me that something is wrong. All right? We’re missing something.” He is scared. She is scared. But he is right. Cards or no cards, they have to be missing something. Something vital to cracking this case. And something vital to their very survival. Booth may not believe in psychic premonitions, but he does believe in his gut. And his gut is imploring him to accept that all is not right. “I mean, look, is it so wrong that I wanted to be near you and see you?”  “No. It’s not wrong.” She walks towards him. Right into his arms. “I’m glad you’re here.” Booth and Brennan hold each other tightly for a few precious moments. But Angela walks in. And she has a location on Kovac’s phone. Brennan advises Boot to go. “I know you’re worried for my safety, but the best thing you can do is catch him.” She knows exactly what she has to say to motivate him. Otherwise he would be too obstinate to leave her side. “This is what we do.” And it is. It’s what they have always done. “Yeah, Bones. This is what we do. We’re the best.”

BONES 12x11 Booth7

Photo Source: Bones, FOX (2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

Booth walks out into the main part of the lab with Angela. Cam runs over and asks him to “hold up.” She wants to accompany him to his car because she believes her ID may have slipped out of her purse while in transit. She was in possession of it the night before, but cannot seem to locate it now. This is actually what I feared from the beginning of the episode. This is what went through my mind the first time I watched it. Cam couldn’t get onto the platform just minutes into the hour. The writers would not have put forth the effort of creating dialog relative to her ID if it wouldn’t come back into play later. She still does not seem too concerned at this moment, but Booth knows better. “What do you mean your ID’s missing?” She nonchalantly explains to him that she used her security pass the day before, and that she was positive she put it back into her purse. It’s clearly not there anymore. Booth has a hunch. He instructs Angela to check the security logs for the Jeffersonian. He wants to know the last time Cam’s ID was used. Cam is confused. Is it really that big of a deal? Booth is visibly panicked. “Okay, uh, her ID was used last night at 2:42 a.m. to get onto the platform.” Cam was most definitely not at the lab at that time. And Booth’s worst fears are confirmed. “We got to get everybody out of here. The explosives that were stolen. The bomb is here. The bomb is here! Get everybody out of here now! Move!”  This is no joke.  This is not a drill. Someone get me a defibrillator. 

BONES 12x11 Booth3

Season 12 BONES: David Boreanaz in the “The Final Chapter: The Day In the Life” episode of BONES airing Tuesday, March 21 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Cam tries to get everyone out of the lab while Booth takes off to retrieve his wife. He tells Brennan that the bomb is somewhere in the lab, and that they have to leave at that moment. But Brennan, being Brennan, cannot leave without the evidence. Booth yells at her to forget about the evidence. To be honest, the evidence is useless if they don’t make it out of there alive. But to Brennan, it’s everything. She has finally figured out how to find Kovac. She simply cannot leave without it. “Forget about the evidence! I don’t care. There is a bomb here. I have to get you somewhere safe.” Meanwhile, Angela runs to tell Hodgins that they too have to evacuate immediately. Arastoo is posted at the main doors yelling at everyone to hurry, while Cam is encouraging them all to stay calm. I feel like it’s quite the futile attempt on her part, but good for Cam for trying to keep everyone from completely panicking. Suddenly the lights go out. And the doors begin to close. Arastoo attempts to keep the doors from shutting by standing between them. Cam tries to override the system, but it’s been tampered with. Probably another unwanted gift from Kovac. A few more employees manage to slip out. But as our dear Booth and Brennan are within inches of the sliding doors, Arastoo loses his hold on them. And now they are locked in the lab. As are Angela and Hodgins. Our four beloved originals. They are now all in grave danger. Booth contemplates shooting the doors, but Cam yells to him that they are bulletproof. Likely a direct result of Booth shattering the glass doors half a decade earlier. 

Cam loudly instructs the group to head to the basement. The foursome all set out running, but Booth suddenly stops near the platform. Brennan frantically asks what he’s doing. Booth assumes that because Kovac accessed the platform with Cam’s ID, there must be a bomb in it. Brennan figures that while Booth is busy locating the bomb, she can swiftly go grab her evidence. He shouts “no.” He tells her to leave now.  But this is Brennan, after all. So she goes to her office to retrieve her evidence. Hodgins heads towards the platform, and informs Booth that he can help. He understands explosives. At Hodgins’ instruction, Booth moves the table over and pulls up a hatch on the platform floor. Booth then comes face to face with a suitcase bomb. He opens the case and sees that the device is set to go off in approximately twenty-three seconds. I wonder what the rationale was on the amount of time before setting the bomb to explode. Was a countdown triggered when they evacuated? As time ticks down, Booth leans in to clip the wire leading to the detonator. As the clock reads 1, the timer stops. Everything is fine now. Or is it?

Booth experiences a brief moment of relief before he notices that the bomb is on an electric repeater. He jumps up from within the hatch and screams to Angela and Hodgins that they have to go. They have to get to the basement. As Angela is desperately trying to determine what’s happening, Booth is shouting for Brennan. He hurriedly tells the couple about the electric repeater. Hodgins knows exactly what that means. “Oh, God, which means there’s more than one.” Hodgins pulls Angela away from the platform, and Booth continues to scream for his wife. We then see Brennan running out of her office. But only for a split second. Because a series of explosions begins to occur. One after another. There is nowhere to run anymore. Nowhere to hide. Nothing to shield them. Our beloved lab is being destroyed before our very eyes. The lab that has been a home to these people for years. The lab that has been my own beacon of hope for nearly as long. It’s gone. At least the way we always knew it. And the people I love most- they too are nowhere to be seen. The dreaded “To be continued” flashes across the screen. And that’s that.


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It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve watched any of these episodes, my emotions are only heightened with each additional viewing. And this last scene here, it remains one of the most utterly terrifying moments in all of Bones. And that is saying a lot. It still affects me in such an intense way. Because not only does it have a literal impact, it has quite the emotional impact as well. I think back to these four characters at the very beginning of the series. This beautiful lab is essentially what brought them all together. Without this place, they would likely be leading four separate lives. There would be no great love stories, no marriage, no kids, no partnerships. The destruction of the physical representation of the home they created together feels very symbolic. There is a lot more I want to say about the Jeffersonian, but it sort of steps on the toes of my comments for next episode. I will go ahead and say this: Just as the lab will survive and rise from the ashes, so will its inhabitants. They will pick up the pieces, mend what’s broken, and continue to live their lives as they always have. Stronger than before. They are survivors. Every single obstacle that has been place before them has been obliterated. This team of extraordinary people will always overcome whatever stands in their way. Seeing the lab blown to pieces is heart-wrenching at best. For the characters, of course. But also for me, as a lover of this show.  Because “it’s a special place” (I had to). However, the lab will be rebuilt. And life in the Bones universe will go on. More on that in the next episode. Like I said, this story isn’t over. Actually, it will never be over. It’s happening right now. It will always be happening.

I still haven’t quite decided how to break up 12×12. It seems ludicrous that some people moved on with their lives so long ago, and I’ve barely said anything about this episode. Because, I have not been able to find the appropriate words to express my feelings. I still don’t know if I can. I do know one thing, I will be sobbing the whole way through. That episode is….well, there are no words right now.

Basically, I will never “move on” with my life. I am just not one of those people. Bones is such a fundamental part of my existence that I honestly could not survive without having it with me, always. “You are my home.” I do know one thing, If I am going to start talking about that episode, I will be saying everything on my mind. A few paragraphs here and there could never do it justice. And would be an insult to the series, itself.  So the next recap could conceivably be broken up into even more sections than this one. Does anyone really care though? Is anyone out there? It seems to me that stretching this out makes far more sense. It’s probably a bit of a break on my mental health as well. And once I get to a point where I “finish” recapping that episode, I’ll move onto another Bones project. Because my love for Bones is forever and always. And I don’t want to, nor will I ever, stop writing about it.

It’s never gonna end, Bones. It’s always gonna be just like this. Just like this.”