The Clock Is Ticking

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 In the previous episode of the Umbrella Academy “A Light Supper” Five was left with no choice, but to kill all twelve board members of the commission. For now, the Handler has spared his life, but not so much for his siblings.  After Five delivered the fish head to the Handler, she mentioned that there was a time limit on the briefcase that would send the family back to 2019. Five was left to gather all of his family members to make the time jump, but it was far from easy. I knew the Handler was up to no good. She assumed control at the commission and sent the remaining two Swedish men after the rest of the family. I feel like she is targeting Diego specifically because she knows Lila loves him. Without control over her adopted daughter, all of her plans will fail which is why she is removing him from the equation without her knowledge.

   Ben’s new ability to possess Klaus has opened a window for him to live life once again. Even though Klaus feels violated in the process, he finally bugged and let Ben in to get some time with his crush Jill. I couldn’t help but laugh during this scene because Ben was going to get laid with Klaus’s body. Jill also surprised me, she is freaky. This fairytale of rolling in the dirt soon ended when Diego had to retrieve him for the time jump. Ben was also able to talk to his dear brother one more time through Klaus. I still have hope that Ben can be mortal someday.

Oga For Oga?

Another funny moment in this episode was when Diego and Luther found Elliot and read the Oga for Oga message. These two thought that Oga for Oga was a person, looked the name up in a phone book, and threatened a poor woman named Oga. Five informed them that it’s Swedish for an eye for an eye. It goes to show that seven heads are better than two. With no time to waste, they were forced to recruit the others and hope that the Swedish assassins won’t catch up to them.

A Disease

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  Carl caught on to the affair that Sissy is having with Vanya and decided to use her services for the last time. While the two were out on a farm, Carl referred to Vanya’s sexuality as a disease that he doesn’t want to spread in his household. Even though Vanya is fearless, she has a soft spot for Harland. Carl threatened to put Harland in an institution if she didn’t leave his house. What a man right? It’s clear that Harland doesn’t need an institution, he needs a father that would give him attention and not get drunk every chance that he gets. That’s a disease. 

    Vanya loves Sissy and Harland to death, so his threats didn’t mean anything to her. On her way home, five informed her that they would be going back home. During this scene, Vanya’s fury began to seep through her eyes again, but she was able to control it. In my mind, I said, “Five don’t piss her off”. She might not have the violin, but she still has hands. Instead of meeting in the ally as she promised, she packed up Sissy and Harland to get away from Carl. Carl was one step ahead of them because he had his brother waiting for Vanya. I knew her love for the family would eventually make her use her powers, but I wasn’t expecting it to end with her being captured by authorities.

Down To One

  I thought that the Swedish assassins would go after Diego first since the handler framed him for their brother’s murder, but they paid Allison a visit. One of them got her good in the throat and it was on from there. Part of me couldn’t focus on this scene because Backstreet boys were playing and I love Backstreet boys! Allison was able to Rumor one of the brothers into killing the other one causing him to flee the scene. At least now they have a less chance of dying with only one of the brothers on the loose.

Rating: 4.5/5

This episode was fun to watch because of the places of humor. My favorite scene was seeing Ben inside of Klaus with Jill. Shall we call this duo life of Klaus and Ben Klen? Following this scene, my other favorite would have to be the altercation between Five and Vanya. I love that Vanya is getting comfortable with her powers and who she is rather than being the scared outsider of the family. I also love how strong she has become. Vanya doesn’t take crap anymore and she has found real love. The only scene that I didn’t care for was when Lila drugged Diego and introduced him to the Handler as her boyfriend. It didn’t sit well with me because Diego was humiliated by his father and Lila is on the sideline trying to half love him. It’s unclear if she really loves him or if she’s trying to use him to make a point to her mommy. I’m interested to see how this kidnapping will work out and how the family will escape the timeline since they missed their chance. 


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