Last week, we were on this planet trying to harvest resources for the Resolute, that has been abandoned due to Scarecrow getting loose and the other robot attacks. Fast forward, this new planet has something wrong with it. There is something in the water that turns metal into dust. We know that John when down into a makeshift mine. While down there, John gets trapped down in the hole because of said rusting metal. So if being trapped like baby Jessica wasn’t enough, he fell and impaled his abdomen. This is, of course, surefire Robinson’s disaster sequence.

Don and his crew are examining the rusting metal and learn that it can spread through contact. That means everything could be contaminated, including the water they already sent to the people who are working on that planet. But we have bigger things to worry about because John could die. It’s Judy to the rescue. She is going to save her stepdad no matter what it takes because they have a special father-daughter relationship. One that they have planted and cultivated for many years after her real father passed away.

Back on the Resolute, Maureen has decided to allow Will to look for his Robot and Penny is going to be going to school. She learns that Smith is on board and free. So she pays her a visit in her office because well she poisoned her warden. Penny is suspicious and rightfully so, but what can she do. Not very much. She is the only Robinson left on the ship. We all know when June Harris is involved it’s bound to be some type of drama and manipulation going on. I just love her character. She does have some remorse for what she has done, but self-preservation takes precedence over even her own feelings.

Judy, who is on her way to her dad, has had to get out and run to her dad because we need more trouble on top of trouble. Her chariot broke down because the metal is deteriorating on everything. Yes, even the titanium. We get to see just how John and Judy became close through flashbacks. The bond that they grew to have and the immense love he feels for his first child. Now Judy has to run the remaining fifteen miles to get to her dad, who is slowly bleeding to death. However, have no fear, Judy has experience in track and field and can make the run. Running together was also one of the things they did together. The trip is taking too long if she continues to follow the perimeter fence.

There are trash bags in space. Just thought that I would say. I say that because Penny has decided to investigate June with a little help from her ex-boyfriend Vijay. They follow June and see her throw something away. Now, its time to dumpster dive for blue trash bag. Penny gets Vijay to help her look for the bag and find out what is in it. It turns out to be a wild goose chase and Penny almost gets smashed in the compactor. Once again, why is there trash bags in space? Old habits must die really hard. You would think that they would have found a better way to dispose of waste. Sheesh! My bad I went left on that unimportant subject.

Oh but wait now. We have to add insult to injury because, well, this is Lost In Space. There are dinosaur-like creatures. Hence the perimeter fence. The same perimeter fence that Judy just crossed because she has no extra time to waste. What I love about Judy and John’s scenes are flashbacks. We get to see different stages of their relationship and the things that he instilled in her as a father and as a Navy Seal. She starts to lose hope until she remembers his words to her. At the same time, he is also remembering the past and all their bonding moments. Even those times that were not so great when he was out doing his Navy Seal thing. It almost broke their family. Since he decided to come with the family, he has been gaining some of that time back.

John can sense that she may not make it and is beginning to say his goodbyes. So Judy is reminding him about all the people who need him, Will, Penny, and her mom. Last, of all her, she tells him that she will hate him if he doesn’t make it. She says that she won’t let him die as she remembers telling him that she doesn’t need him. He is always watching her, always in her rearview mirror watching her as she becomes an amazing person. The dramatic music comes to a climax as Judy finally reaches her dad with his lifesaving medicine. As soon as he is pulled out of the hole, he calls for Judy and they just sit at the moment as he comes to the realization that he almost was never able to watch her again.

Back to Dr. Smith, who seems to have been aware that Penny was following her and planted bogus evidence. Has confronted Penny and basically told her to accept it as fate. Penny isn’t going for it and knows that she did something to Raddick, the ship’s captain. Dr. Smith basically tells her to shut her mouth before she tells everyone she is looney tunes. Penny and Vijay try and put as much distance between herself and June Harris when she notices a familiar-looking substance on the floor that appears to be eating through the metal on the ship. Bad news for the Penny Robinson…… usual. The corrosion is now on the Resolute. How will they fix this? Judy and John are on the metal destroying planet now, obviously, all the people there are getting ready to depart due to that fact. Will and Maureen are on their way to the planet to look for Robot and it is just a precarious situation? Until next week, episode 7 entitled “Severed”.