“Life is a roller coaster” is one of the most overused metaphors of ALL time, yet week after week, This Is Us proves that it’s just about the most accurate metaphor that exists.

We’ve seen the Pearson’s (and in particular Jack) at some of their highest highs and their lowests lows. The lows tend to stick out more. When Jack got beat up on his way out of that poker match, immediately I thought, “No!! Hasn’t Jack been through enough?! His life stinks!” But then I remembered his wonderful family and wonderful wife, and that rollercoaster metaphor popped in my head.

The same can be said for the rest of the Pearson’s. While we didn’t spend much time with the Big Three this week, we saw enough of them to see that all three seem to currently be on the incline of their coaster. Randall wants to adopt a baby, Kate wants a singing career like her mom, and Kevin is off to meet Ron Howard for that possible movie role.

We saw Jack and Rebecca at two pretty pivotal times this week, as well: right before they met, and during the biggest fight of their marriage (so far). Comparing the settings side by side, you could really see how Rebecca’s dreams have stayed the same, while Jack’s ambitions have shifted. This is extremely important.

It’s important because we got to see just how much Rebecca cares about singing…it’s her life dream. While Jack was still a good guy when he was younger, he was more focused on getting away from his father…by any means necessary. We know Jack is a good man…one of the best, actually, but he’s not impervious to bad decisions. Meeting Rebecca kept him from making one of the worst decisions (robbing a bar), and in turn made him into a better man.

No matter how much these two argue, his love for her is unwavering.

It’s hard to pick sides in this fight–they both have strong points. Maybe they’re both equally at fault. We DO know now that Rebecca’s dream has ALWAYS been to sing…and Jack is aware of that, so why can’t he be more supportive of her dream…is it all because of Sam or is something else going on in that head of his?

And Rebecca may be a little too hard on Jack. He does a lot for her, and always has. She was so quick to explode and kick him out. Is it possible she doesn’t really love him anymore?

After the slight fake out at the end of last week, Jack’s fate is still uncertain. But it’s safe to say it’s not long after this fight. Which made it hurt that much more when he told Rebecca that their love story was just beginning.

ALSO, I can’t be the only one who’s noticed just how much they age Milo Ventimiglia while Mandy Moore remains looking healthy and young…is he sick? Are we being given hints here?

As their conflict is just beginning, the first season of This Is Us has come to an end. …And what a phenomenal season it was!

Stay tuned for an end-of-season recap coming next week.