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Mindy keeps collecting Happy Endings (RIP) cast members, this time it’s Casey Wilson as her friend from grade school. In plot news, the nurses make and break gossip, 2 fabulous writers make a cameo, Mindy & Morgan break-up and make-up AND OH DID I MENTION BEN BOUGHT A RING!?

Mindy is having a fancy party to introduce her friend Elena to some hot New York guys but Ben invites Morgan to the party, ruining everything.

After both Jody and Jeremy are total busts with Elena, she meets Morgan, falls for him instantly and leaves the party with him. Mindy is CONVINCED that Elena was brain damaged in Europe or that she’s being held hostage.

Of course, none of those are true, Morgan is just nice to her so she likes him, and because Ben agreed to a double date, now Mindy is stuck going on one with them too.

Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

The date goes horribly, with Mindy taking Elena aside and revealing that Morgan is an ex-con WHILE MORGAN IS RIGHT BEHIND THEM AND HEARS EVERYTHING!

Ben thinks Mindy is jealous because she has feelings for Morgan, but she says it’s because she doesn’t really consider him as a person, he’s more of a singing candelabra who tells her she’s pretty (Ben is Belle, obviously, because he reads).

Eventually Ben makes Mindy realize that Morgan is also a person who deserves to be happy and have a life (wow, 5 years is a long time to not know this about someone) so Mindy goes over to the apartment to apologize.

Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

M&M have this sweet moment where Mindy tells him he’s basically her best friend – he gives her a BFF necklace, to put on him, and ends the moment rather quick.

Now we gotta talk about the gossipy nurses! Karen tells Tamra that she saw Ben in a jewellery store buying a ring for Mindy! This spreads like wildfire until Dr, Ledreau tells him to not get hitched. Ben is super confused and confronts the women, telling them to make this go away because he doesn’t want Mindy to hear it and freak out, he says he was only selling his wedding ring for some extra money.

Tamra, Collete & Karen bury this gossip with bigger gossip, like telling everyone that Jeremy is in ISIS! There is a wonderful cameo from writers Chris Schleicher & Guy Branum as 2 bitchy gay nurses who hate everyone (they call Mindy Dr. LaHereWeGoAgain which is my favourite thing ever) and really help spread the new hot gossip.

Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

While Mindy and Morgan are reconnecting, he reminds her how great her life is, with her great boyfriend who she’ll probably marry. Mindy immediately says she’s NOT marrying Ben, and we’re like whoa girl who broke you, and then we remember a sweaty Italian who was useless and a jerk and it all adds up.

Mindy goes home and tells Ben how happy she is that they’re on the same page, that they don’t want things to change and they don’t want to get married. At this point we think this is also what Ben wants BUT THEN he rolls over and flashes-back to earlier in the week.


Source: The Mindy Project // Hulu

Mindy is probably reluctant to think about marriage because of everything she went through with Danny – so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in tonight’s season finale – when Mindy finds out that Ben was planning on proposing and probably makes some huge romantic gesture.

While I’m here, hey @hulu, now would be a good time to tell us if the show will be back or not! Preparing for a season finale is very different than a series finale!

Episode 514 drops tonight at 11:30/10:30c on Hulu!