The whole reason the Robinson’s and many people on Earth had to leave was that it is becoming inhabitable. They thought that it was due to a meteor but the real cause was an alien ship that crashed. This same alien robot had its engine stolen and he was forced to pilot the Resolute. Which is how they are able to travel such great distances and Maureen’s theoretical design to allow for that kind of travel was put to use. This is also the same engine that is currently on the Jupiter 2. Scarecrow is the robot that was chasing the family’s last episode.

The resolute is dead in space because they have no engine, at least they didn’t. On the bright side, families start returning to the ship, since the threat is gone. Will and Penny have decided to return to “normal life”, while Judy, John, and Don are headed to their perspective jobs. Don, of course, still has the backlash to deal with after disappearing when the first attack happened. However, they are finding it a little difficult to reacclimate to normal duties. And finding forgiveness for cowardice. Nevertheless, he can’t really be fired in Space as they need all hands on deck just to keep everyone hydrated.

How hasn’t anyone figured out what is going on? Or at least that something is a little suspect. The distance something is in space is almost hard to imagine even someone who hasn’t tried to understand knows that a light-year is far. Ok, one single light-year is roughly around 5.88 trillion miles. Look it up I kid you not. Alpha Centauri, their eventual destination is almost 4 1/2 light-years away from Earth. To put that into perspective, it would take 37, 200 years to travel 1 light year. And they’re traveling almost 5 of that. Basically it would take them 150,000 years to reach their destination and no one is suspicious? And these are some of the brightest minds that are traveling. They had to pass a series of tests and remember, Will failed them. Maureen had to bribe his way in. They are shocked that killer robots boarded the ship. MMMMM! I am not a rocket scientist or astronomer or cosmologist but my alarms bells would be flying off the handle.

I know it been super quiet so far with no disasters. The only thing dangerous running around is June with her methane sea kelp. That she is no doubt saving to use on someone who threatens her existence. Now, here comes trouble. Wouldn’t be Lost in Space if we didn’t have to avert disaster every episode. This time it involved John and Judy. John is working down in a well to help replenish their water supply when all of a sudden the metal on that planet starts to deteriorate right in their hands. Even titanium is disintegrating. And so the wench used to lower John into the hole collapsed and he is hurt. Judy just found out where her dad is and the clock is ticking.

However, this same water that is rotting the metal is on a Jupiter ready to go to the Resolute. But Don manages to stop it in time thanks to Judy’s warning. They have to quarantine and find out why it’s happening especially since they don’t want to accidentally transfer it where it can do the most damage.

Will believes that he has a calling or a special connection with the robots. But Scarecrow is not like Robot and he is angry about having his engine stolen. Or at least that is what I assume. Will learns very quickly that he may not be able to be changed. I wonder how long the head honchos on the Resolute will be able to go on keeping this alien secret. People are dying because of the stolen engine and robot. Scarecrow is the least of their problems. Dr. Zoe Smith strikes again and is finally able to utilize the stolen kelp. On her captor. Even though he was in his right to capture her. As he goes out, he takes her secret with her.

Ong good thing that came out of this episode was Will found out where Robot is. He’s on the same planet Judy and John are on. Unfortunately, he is corroding too. The clock is ticking on more than one situation and trickles on over into episode 5, entitled “Run”.