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We open to Gabe and Tony in the teacher’s lounge. The strike is concluded. Principal Madison tries to explain to Abby that if she wants to pick up guys, she needs to get over her ex.

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For once Coach is kind I suppose you could call it. I just found out from Gabe that Faygo is white people Fanta. I’m dying! Gabe is going to call Danny, Abby’s ex, and tell him to back off. Mr. Hayward wants the kids to sell ten boxes each of candy bars to help pay for the college tour. Marisol doesn’t look like she is hip to go on the tour.

Gabe called Danny and Abby is so happy. Then Danny shows up in the teachers lounge. Danny makes a biblical connection between them. Coach met Danny and no longer wants to introduce him to Bingo and Bango. Abby is confused about how she feels with Danny in town. Danny is trying to win over Abby, Paula, Tony and Gabe. I think Danny has his PhD as in Pile Higher & Deeper. Tony and Gabe are falling under Danny’s spell too but know he has to go. Abby asks Gabe to tell him to go home.

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Mr. Hayward is helping the kids get ready for the college tour. He tries to get Marisol to aim higher than the town college. Marisol doesn’t want to. She is content with Long Beach College even though she is bright enough to handle Stanford ciriculum. Gabe keeps attempting to get Danny to actually listen to the words that are coming out of his mouth. It isn’t going well. Danny asks Abby to marry him again.

Does Abby accept? Does she stay in California or go back to South Dakota? Does Marisol decide to try for Stanford? Let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…