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Music has been known to be used as a way to help bring for emotions and feelings, and transport people into a different story. Throughout the years, music has been a way that allows people to feel and follow plotlines in films. 

The same can be said about games and music, since they are accompanied by a soundtrack, and the score helps to provide more engagement throughout the game as you play. Game designers realized the need for music within video games to bring about a more involved experience for players. Let’s look at some ways that music has made an impact in video games.

Though it may seem that video games may only utilize music within the horror genre, many action games and first-person shooting video games have adopted the idea that a driven musical soundtrack can enhance the player experience within the game. 

For instance, the most recent Doom game that was a remake made of a historic franchise, back when computer games were all the rage. The remake changed the type of video game that it originally was when it first came out in this form. Instead of trying something different, the game was returned back to its original roots, to the times of constant movement and chaos in a first-person view, hunting down demons and participating in huge battles. 

It became a huge hit making its way back into the video gaming world, and a lot of its success with players was attributed to the killer award-winning soundtrack created for the game by Mick Gordon. There is a song entitled “Rip and Tear” that you can listen to while running around trying to escape the demons hunting you down. The song gives way to a huge adrenaline rush and feeling of urgency to “get out!” 

The game’s music is much more than just chaotic heavy metal, though. It also has a lot of other emotional tracks including some throwbacks to the original soundtrack of the first Doom game. The songs take on a whole new meaning in this way on the soundtrack. When the violence has subsided the game becomes calmer and a more atmospheric, relaxed sound is introduced.The feeling that music brings is a necessary contrast to the chaos, bringing about a sense of peace for the player in that time.

Though it may seem more on the trivial side, with the technology being what it is today, game designers soon realized back in the early days of creation that there was a need to hire composers to create the music within video games. This was done as far back as the 8-bit era, where you can hear the catchy tunes in popular games such as Super Mario Bros. that you still remember well today. If you think about that game, in particular, you don’t immediately think about the game’s special design or even the title characters, but the music is most likely what first popped into your head since the “Mario Bros. Theme” has been utilized not only in games but multiple films since. The music was the constant during the journey in the game to go and save the Princess, and without it, the game would have felt empty and missing something. It might even have possibly failed in its success if it weren’t for the stellar soundtrack.

Music licensing is also very popular to use within games, a more customized route in obtaining songs within a specific genre that is original and customized to the game itself. It can be costly to license songs that are already produced or used within the film, creating the game versions. The soundtracks, in turn, have also gotten bigger and more impressive, linking the gaming industry within the music industry, as seen when the designers access Marmoset’s music licensing library to find the perfect songs for the soundtracks to accompany their games.

In some cases, you don’t really get either, where you know the music or the music aids your experience. But music still plays a big part within the games, like allowing for some mainstream music in sports games like Madden or FIFA, where you can listen to music while scrolling menus and choosing teams or players, or with the option of having multiple radio stations to listen to while driving around the city in Grand Theft Auto. Some of these types of games have curated playlists for music, and songs have actually become more popular and gave some artists their musical break like Lorde and Avicii, who both started their music careers in video games.

Since gaming designers have gotten away from licensing expensive songs and turned to customized music licensing, so they have taken to having more artistic, original musical scores created for their games. This way, they can still give the gamer the experience of being a part of the story without as much cost. 

In today’s gaming world, the music has become such an integral part of playing for gamers, enhancing the narrative. The games of today are much more innovative so the music also has to be more inventive, creating the atmosphere where a gamer can go pretty much anywhere throughout the world created on screen. It paves the way to allow video games to create a world that immerses its players more than ever before.